Life Lately

I’m standing at the counter typing out this post while my big one quietly plays legos on her own and the little one sleeps. It’s 8:48am and I’ve already busted out an incredibly hard workout, showered, had breakfast and coffee. Basically this is the life folks. Why does it feel so easy? Because three kids is way harder than two. It is very, very hard. And I now know that.

Last week we provided respite care for a seven month old boy. He was the absolute sweetest and most lovable baby. I spent more time cuddling that little man in one week than I probably have cuddled Ruthie in all her life. My girls just aren’t cuddlers. But he would rock in my arms for hours. Usually in the middle of the night…and technically it was mostly Alex’s arms that were rocking him, but all exhaustion aside we really enjoyed our week with him. Which is one of the main reasons I have been MIA. It’s not really appropriate to share photos of babies in foster care on social media and all the pictures I took last week were of him. So I didn’t have much to share here, or on Instagram. Also, our internet was out most of last week. Now we have new internet that is running at record speeds and we are back to the normalcy of two kiddos so maybe I will make more appearances here this week. Maybe.

Some other fun lately:

I spent Saturday shopping and lunching with girlfriends. It actually came at the perfect moment. After a week with Little Man I was feeling a little more “desperate” than “housewife” and needed a break. Also, I had been watching this Burlington Coat Factory commercial of these girls running around shopping together and I thought, “Hey, I don’t really have friends that I shop with.” And all of a sudden I was invited along and got to live the dream for one brief afternoon. I didn’t buy this jacket, but still considering it. I prefer the Madewell jacket that is similar but this is a fraction of the cost. Decisions, decisions.

Before spending the day shopping our whole crew (Alex, me, plus three) participated in the Lifewalk in Mooresville to support the Community Pregnancy Center. Our family raised $100 and while it wasn’t much I am still excited to contribute. Lately abortion has been a hot-button item and I have really started to think about this issue. I have always been Pro-Life, but now as a mom, having experienced pregnancy and childbirth I feel like I approach it with a new attitude. I truly believe abortion is wrong and that it is taking a life and it made this year’s Lifewalk even more meaningful for me.

And this is us pre-Lifewalk, when I woke the house up too early and arrived 45 minutes before the walk began and so I treated everyone to coffee and muffins to kill the time. Alex wasn’t very pleased with me.

And for good measure I’ll throw this little snapshot in. How did a Pumpkin Spice Latte jump right into my hands? Whoops!

And a little cuteness to leave you on this rainy Tuesday. Eleanor has been begging for a crown so she can be a princess so in a pinch I threw together these paper crowns. As expected it was cherished for maybe an hour before thrown to the side and I haven’t heard anything about crowns since. So thankful I didn’t spend money on this fad. But how cute are these sisters enjoying their crowns while they lasted?

Well that’s all for today. We have so much to look forward to this week, like our annual visit to the apple orchard and my sister-in-law’s visit. Take care!

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