Ruthie Jeanne Eight Months

eight months ru jeanne

Ok. Let me just say it again. I’m late. I blame the weather. No seriously! For two weeks straight the sun stayed hidden away. And even the best photographers can struggle to take a great photo indoors without any natural light. Now, I would never claim to be a good photographer. And this month I even busted out the iPhone just to get these photos done. So with her nine month birthday rolling around next week…let’s get to it.


Hello light of my life. Ruthie is just so fun! She is busy. Always moving. Now that she is crawling and pulling up to standing she maneuvers our house like a stunt double. No obstacle is too big for her. I don’t think it will be long before she is climbing on furniture and maybe even walking. Thank goodness we don’t have stairs anymore!

Ruthie finally has teeth! This month we watched her bottom two teeth start to poke through and while it has made for long nights and some cranky days, it’s also exciting to watch her reach this milestone. Plus she can eat more variety of foods now!


We have watched Ruthie and Eleanor grow closer and closer this month. Eleanor is a great big sister and is usually incredibly helpful and kind. We still struggle with her behavior toward her sister at times, but in general it has been fun to watch them play together and navigate their new roles as sisters.


This month we took Ru on her first camping trip and hiking in the mountains. Besides those two trips we have stayed put. We had an adventurous summer with many trips and it feels good to be home a while. We have settled into a routine, naps are predictable, and we are having a ton of fun with friends and enjoying the fall weather (even the two weeks of rain!)


Ruthie is vibrant, energetic, talkative and full of smiles. I love when she wakes up in the morning and Eleanor and I bust in on her singing “So rise and shine…and give God your glory, glory!” She still nurses at 5:30am every morning and it is our little quiet time together. When she is awake she is just happy as can be and smiles constantly. She gets excited when either Alex or me walk into a room and she has started to say the words “Mama” and “Dada” although we aren’t sure if it’s always in context. Ruthie claps and cheers and waves. When she sees me she bounces up and down and charges toward me on her hands and knees. She’s quick and is into all of Eleanor’s toys. Man I love this kiddo!

Ruthie Jeanne 8 months

I feel like Ru really grew up this month. All of a sudden she seems like such a big girl. She can do so much and is less reliant on us for fun and entertainment. It is so fun watching her grow up. Happy eight month birthday little one. We love you!

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