I just had a this thought…does the word “Fri-yay” annoy you? Like other silly social media trends? I for one dig this. I love when everyone posts #friyay on Instagram. But I know hashtags aren’t everyone’s thing. Forgive me then? Sometimes when you have battled mastitis, a teething baby, and an extra kiddo in the house…all in one week…you get to the use words like FRIYAY! Even if you don’t like the word, we can certainly all agree that we like the day, yes?


So while this week involved too many episodes of Gilmore Girls than I care to admit, many grumpy outbursts and a few skipped events that were very important to me, it did start with this wonderful outing to Skytop Orchards.


Apple picking at Skytop is one of my favorite traditions. It began in 2012 when I randomly placed it on my fall bucket list and dragged Alex (and my nearly nine-months pregnant belly) on the two and a half hour trek to Flat Rock, NC. I will forever remember this trip as the beginning of a beautiful tradition, as well as the end of my ten year status as a vegetarian. Promptly after Skytop we drove to Asheville where I had a fried chicken sandwich that has since changed my life…literally. But enough about that year, let’s talk about now…

PicMonkey Collage

Four years later and we are still making this part of our fall routine. It wasn’t easy to squeeze it in this year with all the rain and schedules and work and excuses. But we finally had a window of sunny skies and no obligations and we made it happen.


As with every other year, our first stop was the doughnut line. Somehow Alex convinced me we needed a dozen this year. Our family is growing after all!

PicMonkey Collage 2

We bought more doughnuts than apples (I’m not proud), we dressed the girls in matching outfits, then coordinated our own and took more photos than we all had a patience for, ate a picnic lunch in the back of our car and drove home. It was a whirlwind…but we sure look cute doing it!


Things to remember from this year:

Wear socks with your brand new boots. But if you decide not to (because you are an idiot) let your loving husband know so he can offer you his socks way sooner!

Also, Eleanor loves Dora. And loved to use the map to chart our course. “Fuji Hill, Jonagold Lane, Pink Lady Castle…say it with me.” Seriously cute.


And then wanted it in her pocket because we didn’t have her backpack. I spy a map in her back pocket below:


Ruthie was way too distracted to take a single photo looking at the camera or without the apple in her mouth. This was truly an engaging experience for her!


Also awesome about this trip…we remembered to take a photo of just Alex and me. Where it all began…


Our seven year anniversary is just around the corner. I couldn’t be more blessed to share this life with him.


He puts up with my crazy antics. He doesn’t judge when I decide to drive us two and a half hours with a baby and toddler so we can go “apple picking.” He knows it’s all a cover so I can have these pretty photos of my beautiful family.


Cue the photo dump now:

IMG_9722 IMG_9755 IMG_9773 IMG_9775 IMG_9782 IMG_9832 IMG_9929 IMG_9948

As the saying goes, I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers. And this is our very favorite October tradition!


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