Celebration Week

The first week of November involves some of my favorite memories. Most notably my wedding and the birth of my first child. It’s not always easy to squeeze all that celebration into a few short days but we did our best this year. The last week has been all cupcakes and dress up around here!


First, Alex and I got all dressed up and celebrated our anniversary early at the Ben Folds concert Tuesday night. We started with dinner at Ri-Ra’s and followed the concert up with dessert at Amelie’s. It was a great evening but man was I exhausted.


We started birthday celebrations on Thursday

I split a cupcake with this sweet girl after bible study Thursday afternoon.


Friday morning some of our best friends met us for coffee and cupcakes at a local coffee shop. Eleanor’s sweet friends made her pictures for her birthday and brought us Rice Krispy Treats.



Three years old already! As they say, the days are long but the years are fast!



This big girl keeps me on my toes. She is full of energy and personality. I love hearing her sing. I have some of the neatest conversations with Eleanor. She has so many interesting thoughts and ideas. She is a lover. She loves her friends and her sister and her daddy so much, and most days me too. She gives the best kisses and snuggles up to us to read all day long. Eleanor has a great memory and can retrieve memories from months ago. She is also incredibly smart. She knows all her letters and numbers and is working on letter sounds and even putting some letters together into words. She loves to take notes and write lists and colors in her notebook and “does her homework.” And she absolutely loves the grocery store (who doesn’t kid!) Basically Eleanor is amazing and I’m just the lucky one who gets to be her mom! But back to the birthday celebrations…

Next up was a birthday lunch with Alex’s mom and stepdad. Eleanor loved the balloons RonRon brought her and all the gifts they picked out for her.



We celebrated with more cake (obviously) and I celebrated three years of motherhood with a mimosa and shrimp and grits benedict.


Eleanor had gifts to open all day and the fun just kept coming!




We ended her actual birthday day with a movie night and as many veggies as we could squeeze into her little three year old body.

Saturday morning came and we geared up for her big party.


We invited all of Eleanor’s friends to our church for a movie party. Our church has a big projector screen and comfy chairs and agreed to let us use it as a movie theater for the afternoon. We served popcorn and popcorn shaped cupcakes and little cups of M&Ms and gummy bears (which all the kids had way too much of!) and I think everyone enjoyed the matinee. Our feature presentation was Inside Out.



I think they like it.

At home we ordered takeout and opened the rest of Eleanor’s gifts. We were exhausted. And just like that Eleanor’s third year came and went and now we are fully into “big girl” territory.


Eleanor is definitely loving all of her new princess dresses, capes, gloves, glass slippers and tiaras. In fact she has worn nothing else since her birthday. Even her baby doll has a princess dress and tiara!


Eleanor’s church outfit pictured above!

It was an exhausting week. I am in desperate need for sleep and healthy food. Yet our house is overloaded with Halloween candy and birthday cupcakes! Willpower does not exist friends. Nonetheless, we had such a great time celebrating all the amazing things in our lives. A wonderful marriage to my best friend, an amazing daughter who brings us so much joy each and every day, and friends to share it all with. One last photo for this Monday…


Today is our actual anniversary. Seven years ago right about this moment we said our “I do’s” and pledged to each other to love one another forever and ever, Amen. I am so blessed that I have Alex to do life with. The highs and the lows are always made better because he is along with me for the ride.  I am more in love with Alex today than ever. He is an amazing husband, father and provider for our family. He is a man of God and loves us unconditionally. I admit to having many hard days lately, being a mom is exhausting work. But Alex supports me and helps me through it all. I love him and am so thankful for him each and every day!

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