Happy New Year


We rang in 2016 with some old friends, an amazing dinner, red wine and minute-to-win-it games. Our friends Tim and Jill invited us over for dinner cooked on their new Green Egg. The smoked brisket was perfect as were all the accompaniments. I prepared a warm shaved brussels sprouts salad from the cookbook Against All Grain and it was delicious! We laid Ruthie down to sleep around 7 and played a couple’s challenge of minute-to-win-it games Jill prepared. Alex and I lost sorely, but we all had a great time. Somewhere around 9:30 we played the Carebears Netflix countdown and packed up our crew and headed home.

Back at the casa, Alex and I had a few glasses of red wine and watched several episodes of friends before the real countdown began. At the stroke of midnight we kissed and then went straight to bed. New Year’s is quite a different holiday with kiddos than before!

Like all good Americans Alex and I set out in 2016 to get healthy. We just started eating meat on the regular last year and are struggling to put together healthy meals and snacks that allows us to maintain our weight and feel great. So on our January agenda is the Whole 30. We are five days in now and playing by all the rules. Only three meals a day, no snacking (except before a workout if necessary), no sugar, no grains, no dairy, etc. So far it’s going well but it is incredibly hard to cut out snacking. I have a bad habit of eating constantly from lunch to dinner, and then usually again from dinner to bed. My snacking was sabotaging all of my healthy eating ways so it was completely necessary to stop. I fidget all night long wanting a snack after dinner but so far I have stuck with my resolution to stop snacking. I’m eating larger portions at meals and keeping myself busy to distract from my snacking habit.


On New Year’s Day Alex had to work but got off early and in just enough time to join us for a little play at the park with friends. Look at Ru! Getting so big and starting to take steps. Her birthday is just around the corner and since the minute we got home from Chicago I have been putting the pedal to the metal on party planning. I have some great friends starting an event planning business helping me out too!

And in other news, Alex and I participated in the Babington’s Polar Plunge on Saturday. We scheduled a babysitter and enjoyed a rare workout together before breakfast out and then a leap into the frigid waters.

IMG_2892The weather was unseasonably warm and we hopped right into the hot tub after so it wasn’t as bad as you might expect. Still, a fun way to jump start the new year.

Other important goals I have for the new year is to pay off debt. We hope to have everything paid off by November of next year and our great reward will be moving out of the apartment and back into a house. I plan to dig into the Word of God each and every day in 2016 as well. I want to be a better mom and wife and I am not looking for answers in a self-help book but the Bible. I figure reading the Word each day will help in all relationships in my life.

This year I am really looking forward to settling in as a stay-at-home mom. 2015 was quite the learning curve. And now dealing with a three year old and one year old each day is challenging, but I want to make it the best year yet. I want to release expectations and smile more. I want to extend grace and forgiveness freely. I love a new year and a fresh start!

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