Ruthie Jeanne Eleven Months

…and just like that Ru is almost one!

eleven months

Everyone says it but it truly feels like just yesterday when we were bringing our sweet bundle home for the first time. I can remember so many details and yet the whole year seems really hazy. My little baby is growing up so fast (boo-hoo-hoo!)


Ruthie’s personality has really shined in the last month. She has the funniest personality and makes me smile from ear to ear. I feel like she just “gets” me and I just “get” her and most days we are just two peas in a pod. I love this age so much! She has so much fun exploring our home and challenging her own skills. She has started to climb stairs, climb stools, climb benches, climb chairs, climb tables- basically she climbs everything. She is no longer content crawling, instead she furniture surfs the house to get from one place to another. Ruthie is even taking bold steps all on her own.


Ruthie loves to chase her big sister around the house and hates being left out of Eleanor’s play. She loves to eat and would likely eat all day if I would let her. In fact, eating is how I coaxed our little photo shoot out of her (see the cookie in her hand?) She still only has two teeth but can eat just about everything except whole nuts.


Ruthie is always moving and can’t stand to be still. Getting her dressed or changing her diaper is a full on aerobics activity now. Yet she is still and content while we nurse which is still happening four or five times a day.


I have no idea how big Ruthie actually is, we haven’t had a doctor’s appointment in some time. However, she looks like a little baby still despite all the rolls. She fits perfectly in my arms and when I am holding her she feels just like a koala bear clinging to her mama. I absolutely love holding her! She also loves when we dance together and I jump around like a crazy person. It’s guaranteed to get a giant laugh out of her.


Check out those baby blues. I have a feeling they are here to stay. By this time Eleanor’s eyes were already changing to green but Ruthie’s are still blue as blue can be. And her hair is gorgeously blonde. I can’t wait to see how it really starts to grow in. To say I’m excited for a blonde hair, blue eyed baby is an understatement. If you remember I prayed and prayed for Eleanor’s eyes to be green and now that I have my green-eyed child I am so happy to also have a blue-eyed baby!  Vain, I know.


Did I mention she is walking? In just the last few days she has really started to take off, taking up to a dozen steps at a time before plopping down on her bottom. She does great as long as she doesn’t see me looking at her. The minute we make eye contact she gets all silly and falls down.


When I found out I was about to have another baby girl I was crazy with anxiety. I worried I couldn’t possibly love her like I loved Eleanor. I worried I wouldn’t be good enough to raise them to be loving sisters but also amazing individuals. I still worry about doing all the things the right way. I don’t want to compare, but I want to make things fair. And I want them to know they are loved and also to love each other. Girls are a big responsibility. But also an amazing privilege. Most days I feel like being a mom is more about raising me to be a better person than raising them! God chose daughters for me specifically so I can overcome many of my own fears and failures. I am learning how to love with all of my heart, unconditionally. I am so thankful for Ruthie and how she has already changed my life. I cannot believe she is nearly one and I cannot wait to see what the next year and years bring! I am excited to get to know her more and more each day and to help her know herself more and more as she grows older. This kid is seriously so cool, we have a wonderful life ahead of us!

11 months Ru

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