Ruthie Jeanne Twelve Months

twelve months

How can you be simultaneously exhilarated and devastated at the same exact moment? I guess that is where bittersweet became so incredibly possible. I don’t think there is any more bittersweet moment than the day your baby (possibly last) turns one years old. Insert crying emoji here and here (and throughout this entire post).


My baby is one. One years old. She’s an adventurer, already walking and climbing and dancing. She has more fun in life than ten people combined. The joy in that tiny little body is impossible. We are so incredibly lucky to have Ruthie in our lives. I can’t imagine another day without her. She was a little surprise. The absolute best kind of surprise there is. God gave us her and we are taking our charge to bring her up in the way she should go very seriously (Proverbs 22:6). We absolutely love being her parents and can’t believe God blessed us with her.


While Ruthie can be stubborn (hello 3 days passed my due date that already felt too long!) she can also be incredibly easy going and fun. When she is upset with me she will throw herself out of my arms very dramatically, but she also showers me with kisses and snuggles every day. We dance and she laughs out loud. She takes steps on her own and her pride radiates from her smile. Ruthie swings her arms back and forth when her big sister sings and the song “Every little thing is going to be alright” is proven to get her to stop crying instantly. She chases after Eleanor all day long. Ruthie loves to put the head of any toy in her mouth and crawl around all over the floor. She plays under the dining room table and chairs and often gets trapped. She loves her daddy so much and cheers when he walks in the door after work. And she is obsessed with a toy cell phone that basically never leaves her hand. When any phone or toy rings she throws her hand to her hear and exclaims “Ello!”


Ru’s other favorite words include: mama, dada, nigh-nigh, bah-bye, thank you (than-u), baby and bibbity-bobbity boo (as she waves a wand around). Ruthie loves to eat and eats basically anything we give her. She loves grapes, any type of meat, grape tomatoes, sweet potatoes, apple slices, apple sauce and did I mention meat. Seriously, though. The girl is a meat-eater. So different than our vegetarian Eleanor.


Ruthie wears mostly 12 month clothes and size 2 shoes. She is slowly moving into a size 3 shoe and can still wear most 9 month clothes (shorty!) She’s got the best rolls but still feels little. We have a doctor’s appointment Friday so I’ll be sure to come back and post her height and weight here.


Ruthie has a million nicknames which is funny since Eleanor has exactly none. We call her Ruthie, Ru, Ru-Ru, Ru-bear, Ruby, Stinky baby, Stinky face, Squishy face and Baby. Sometimes I swear I hear Ruthie say “I’m the baby” which is so funny. We have also heard her say “It’s Louisa” plain as day and “hands” but none of those have been replicated as of yet.


I know I just wrote about Ruthie last week in her 11 month check-in so I feel I’m short on words to describe this child today. I just know she is the coolest baby around. I cannot believe we are here celebrating her big day already. I feel like it was just yesterday I laid eyes on her for the very first time. And now here we are! Her Oma (my mom) is in town visiting for her birthday and this weekend we will celebrate with all of our friends and a few other family members. We have a huge party planned for her birthday and I can’t wait!


Happy Birthday RuBear! I love you so much!

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