Hundred Acre Wood Birthday Party

I’ve already mentioned it one thousand times I know…but my littlest turned one recently and we had such a blast celebrating I wanted to share with all of you.


Ruthie is quite frequently called Ru around here which lends itself well to a “Roo” themed, Hundred Acre Wood party. We are also obsessed with Winnie the Pooh in this house and so quite easily we decided on the theme. I had the amazing pleasure of working with the ladies at Epoch Notable Events to create a classic and beautiful party for my little girl.

We hosted the party at Warren and Julie’s house (the King and Queen of parties!) and Shannon and Denise went to town decorating and cooking for the event. Note: they are not typically caterers but did most of the food for Ru’s birthday.


While the event was delayed by a day due to a terrible ice storm and the playoff games were going on during the party, many of our friends were still able to attend. Unfortunately flights were cancelled into Charlotte and so our out of town guests couldn’t get here. Nevertheless we enjoyed the day and celebrated our sweet baby Ru turning one!

To carry on the Hundred Acre Wood theme we offered Eeyore’s Clover Rolls, Rabbit’s Veggie Garden, Piglet’s in a Blanket, Roo’s Juice, Kanga’s Pouches (fruit and veggie pouches for the kids), Christopher Robin Eggs (deviled eggs), Tigger’s Taters and Pooh’s Honey Sweet Tea.

And then there was cake of course!


Ruthie’s rustic cake was just vanilla on vanilla but it tasted outstanding! My good friend Emily baked the cake and cupcakes for the party and everyone was impressed. The cupcakes were honey with buttercream frosting and had a savory quality to them. All of our guests complimented the cupcakes repeatedly!


We sang Happy Birthday to Ru and she clapped and cheered us all on.

Ruthie was hesitant to dive into her cake at first, but after some coaxing she began to enjoy the cake.

The party carried on for hours, everyone just hanging out and talking and the kids playing, but shortly after cake our guests began to disburse. The big Panther playoff game was getting ready to start and we were all worn out. We said good-bye to our friends and headed home to some wings and football.


Overall it was a wonderful party with many of our closest friends. Ruthie was well loved by everyone with all the gifts she received. I know I say it over and over again, but I just cannot believe she is already one!










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