What’s in my make up bag


I am in no way an expert on these things. Which is exactly why I feel compelled to write on the subject. I feel like a thirty-something still fumbling around in her mom’s make up bag like a pre-teen. I look all around me and girls half my age look better put together than me. While I truly am a minimalist when it comes to make up, I still want to look and feel great. Most of my current stash of cosmetics is nearly gone and so I have been checking out the market to see what will work best for me. I’m soaking it all up but I still feel completely lost so I’d love to hear from you: what brands you trust, what products you love and what is most important to you when choosing cosmetics. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  1. Natural look- I don’t want to look overly made-up except for the occasional dramatic lip (and maybe a cat eye if I could ever figure it out!)
  2. Stays put- I cannot figure out how to keep my eye make up from wearing all over my face within hours of applying. I talked to the lady at the salon today who suggested wearing an eye primer as well as water-proof products
  3. Safe- while it’s not my first priority, I have been looking at brands such as Beauty Counter and Honest Company for safe and toxic free cosmetics
  4. Affordable- I am actually ok splurging on most cosmetics because I don’t buy them that often. However, I’m at a place where I need to replace most of what I have so not everything can be top of the line right now.

Here’s what I’m using now:

Bare Minerals– I have been using Bare Minerals powder and bronzer for years and years and years and years. And I still love it. I only started considering switching because I am running out. Also I’d love to try a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream. Turns out Bare Minerals makes one now so I just ordered it in Vanilla from the salon. I had been this close to ordering one from Honest Company or Beauty Counter. I only chose to stick with Bare Minerals because I was able to try it out in person at the salon. I ended up ordering my beloved Medium Beige mineral powder for days when I want more full coverage. I also ordered the eye primer to help keep my eye make up in place. I would love to order all new brushes from Bare Minerals as well!

Revlon– I didn’t realize I loved Revlon so much until I started digging through my make up bag. Their Colorburst Balm Stain and Matte Balm is my absolute favorite. I have it in two colors, Honey and Sultry. They glide on easy and stay put all day. I also go for their eye color and am currently using up my Photo Ready 523 eye shadow.

Physician’s Formula

I have the Organic Wear mascara as well as an eye liner that I wear sometimes. I don’t love either product but haven’t gotten around to replacing yet. My biggest complaint is that it seems to wear off or smudge and maybe my new primer will help.

Beauty Counter-

In my quest to detoxify my life I have been looking for more natural companies. I like Beauty Counter but honestly I don’t like the business model. There is so much pressure to buy. I love the idea of supporting local women but I just hate the parties and awkwardness that comes with direct sales. Also, I can’t try most of the products before buying like I do Bare Minerals. The Beauty Counter consultant that I met with did give me the whole skin care kit to trial for a few days and I admit I love the products. My skin looked radiant, clear and refreshed. If I could afford all new skin care I would probably jump right in! In the meantime I am hoping to buy a brow pencil (my first one ever and my new obsession!) I also borrowed an eye liner from my friend and so far like it but again I’m going to try it with the new primer before deciding if I’ll stick with it. I may need to go the waterproof route.

Honest Beauty

I want to try so many of their products and was tempted to join their subscription service. Alas our budget won’t allow yet another subscription (read 5 ways to save money in 2016). But on my short list is their brow filler and all the eye shadows! I am also desperate to use blush again (haven’t used since I was about 15) and may try out their Creme Blush. And when I’m ready to upgrade my beloved Revlon Matte Balm for a more natural option I will try Honest Beauty’s similar Lip Crayon.


Real fast I wanted to review my skin care routine as well. I wasn’t giving too much thought to this until my Beauty Counter consultant offered to let me sample their products. I loved the samples, but I also love my typical routine. My skin has never looked better. Very rarely do I have a blemish or a breakout. My skin is even and bright.

face care

Cerave– I swear by this stuff. I doubt it’s very natural. In the past I have noticed immediate breakouts when I swap for another cleanser and so over the years I have just stuck with this. I always use the cleanser and typically use the day time moisturizer (although I’m out right now) and the PM moisturizer too.

Avalon Organics– I just picked up the Vitamin C Balancing Toner at Whole Foods and so far I love it. I have learned that I need a toner to keep my skin clean and clear. I always put toner in a spray bottle so I can just spritz on my face. It makes it last so much longer and is so easy to use that I never skip this step.

Essential Oils– My sister-in-law and my mom regularly make me concoctions with Essential Oils for eye cream and face cream. I use this almost daily and love it. While I’m not happy with my current lines and wrinkles I hope that this will help prevent future wrinkles!

Coconut Oil– I use coconut oil to remove eye make up and occasionally for a deep moisturizer.

Since I’m out of my daily moisturizer currently I may replace with the Beauty Counter daily moisturizer instead of Cerave. Although now that I’m thinking about it, I think the Bare Minerals BB Cream actually can replace my daily moisturizer.

I’d also like to add in a serum. I have previously used Image Vital C Serum and loved it. I am just currently out.

What are you guys using for make up and skin care? Do you feel as lost as I do when it comes to choosing products and keeping up on the trends?

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