Hello March


For starters…let’s welcome the very best month of the year! I love March: beautiful weather, my birthday, the best holiday (St. Patrick’s Day- also my brother’s birthday), and so much more! I cannot wait for all the fun ahead.

This weekend we road tripped to Indianapolis for my brother-in-law’s wedding. We had an amazing time catching up with family and celebrating Scott and Angie.

They were married in a beautiful conservatory, the place of their first date. It was incredibly romantic, especially for Scott who doesn’t show his softer side often. We are so happy for them and enjoyed the whole day.

After the ceremony we attended the reception where we sat with Alex’s dad and step mom and sisters. I got to meet our brand new nephew and I didn’t let him out of my arms the entire day!

He is absolutely the most precious little man. I love him so much already and hate that we won’t be there this weekend for his Sip ‘n See.


After the party we headed back to the hotel to relax before dinner. The two hours quickly passed and we walked to St. Elmo’s Steakhouse for a 6:30 reservation.

This place was amazing. An old school steakhouse that consumes nearly a whole city block. We walked through five dining rooms before reaching our table at the back of the restaurant. We indulged in shrimp cocktail, lobster bisque, BLT salads, steak and fish, wine, and of course dessert.


We took turns passing the babies around while we ate. We spent hours in good conversation with family we don’t see nearly enough. The girls love their grandparents and aunties. We miss them so much!


We stayed with my friend Angie in Ohio and used our stay as an excuse to visit our niece at college. We had a lovely breakfast with her on Sunday and relaxed the rest of the day before heading home on Monday.

Thank goodness for that relaxing day because Monday started off rough. We took to the road around 6:30am and at exactly eight our car broke down on the side of the highway. Womp womp.


It was a long process to get a tow truck, a mechanic and a rental car and get back on the road home. We kept hitting snafoos along the ride. We forgot a very important bag at the mechanic and had to turn around after finally getting back to driving and then we were pulled over for speeding later. We somehow got out of a ticket. To say we were happy to be home is a complete under statement. Our seven hour drive turned into a thirteen hour trip. We quickly put the girls to bed and crashed on the couch ready to unwind from the awful day. I am so grateful we were traveling with Alex on this trip and I didn’t have to handle all the details on my own. The girls and I travel so much that it could have easily happened to me. I am also so grateful we didn’t get that speeding ticket. Our car is not going to be an easy or cheap fix and I nearly cried thinking about all the expenses. I know we shouldn’t have been speeding but a ticket would have really ruined the day. I joked with Alex that it’s a good thing Leap Day only comes around once every four years because it wasn’t very lucky for us!

So now home, with just one car, it will be an interesting couple weeks to see how everything works out with our car and when we can get back to Ohio to get it back. But I’m just happy we were able to arrive home safely. What a weekend!



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