Finally Friday

Can we all just let out one large collective sigh. It’s Friday. I couldn’t be more excited. For starters my birthday is tomorrow!! Second, this week has been tough. It all started with this:


We heard back about the car and it is a complete loss. It will likely take $3500 to completely repair and it isn’t even worth that much. On the bright side I guess I’ll be getting a new car for my birthday. I will miss this wonderful car. We’ve had it four years and bought it used from a friend. It has been such a great car. Other than routine maintenance we have not put anything into my little Santa Fe. It has taken us back and forth to the Midwest and Florida countless times. We piled on the miles and it withstood all of the wear and tear. And best of all…we never had a car payment on it. I wish I could say that for my next car, but alas we weren’t prepared for this. So this birthday week has been a bit bittersweet.

Despite the added stress we still managed to have some fun. The girls and I enjoyed a break in swim sessions this week and filled in our time with library story times, ice cream dates, and play dates.

On Wednesday I had a dentist appointment and brought Eleanor with me. They let Eleanor sit in the chair and counted her teeth. We took advantage of our one-on-one time and went out for ice cream after.

And of course on Thursday we had our usual Whole Foods hot bar lunch of Mac ‘n Cheese. This week we celebrated birthday week and split a cupcake. I made Eleanor sing me Happy Birthday!

And last night I enjoyed a much needed Girls Night Out with some of my best friends. We had Mexican at Prickly Pear and I took advantage of the Groupon to order one of the most expensive meals on the menu.


It was good. However, I really just enjoy good ole cheap Mexican food. If given a choice I’d take a $6 plate over this $28 plate. Nevertheless, the conversation and company was the best.

I think I handle stress pretty well. Alex and I tend to be a great team and work together rather than fight against one another when things get tough. We have had some tough decisions to make this week and we have really been on the same page throughout. I am so grateful. I am still internalizing a ton of this stress and sometimes just feel like crying. We have been working so hard toward our goals the last few months. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then WHAM! Another crisis. We are so grateful that we are able to buy a new car and have that option but it sets us further from our goals. I want so desperately to be debt free!

One thing that has really helped my sanity this week is running. I randomly ran with Alex on Tuesday and an idea popped in my head. It was the first of March and I was kicking off birthday month with a run and I thought, why not do this every day this month? It was a random thought and I immediately kicked it out of my head but it popped back on Wednesday when we were out for a run again. Alex is training for a half marathon and I’m currently on hiatus from boot camp classes so running seems like a great idea right now. The weather is getting nicer and I am spending quality time with Alex without the girls. So yesterday I ran with him again…on a TREADMILL! And it sealed the deal. Every day in March I am going to run. I realized how exhausted and emotional I was feeling by mid afternoon this week and the afternoon runs helped energize me. So far I have run 4 miles, 3 miles and 3 miles respectively. I don’t plan on running higher mileage and a few days a week I plan to keep it really short, just one or two miles. It will be a fun goal and likely a little frustrating at times. But I am already excited about running again.


Today my plan is to run just one mile because tomorrow is going to be a big, fun birthday workout. And then all weekend we have fun plans to celebrate. I’ll be sure to pop back in Monday and share all the details. Happy Birthday Week to me!

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