Monday Musings

Good morning friends! I have a pile of pictures from last week and a desire to write about them. Humor me, eh?


Swim lessons are still going great for Eleanor. This session she has a new instructor and new kids in her class. Nevertheless, she started right where she left off. I took her in the water on Friday last week and she did great for me too! Jumping off the side, swimming around with only a noodle and floating on her back with support. I’ve got all the mama pride bursting from me!

I’ve gotten in the habit of snapping a photo of the girls as we leave the house every morning. As if to acknowledge that they were at once fully dressed and clean each day. Eleanor now asks as we are leaving the house if we are going to take a picture. I also love that Ruthie is walking out to the car now and not needing to be held. My hands are free to carry so much more out to the car. And bonus, those two just look so cute walking hand and hand!

We used to have weekly playgroups with a great group of women and girls. Unfortunately this year has brought many changes to all of our schedules: jobs, babies, preschool, etc. We rarely get together in groups these days but last Tuesday we finally coordinated to play. We were missing Ashley and her girls but still had a great time! Eleanor loves these girls. They have been best friends since she was just a newborn.

New car love! We spent 20 minutes of our afternoon just playing in the car because why not? The girls love our new car and so do I!!


Sunny days! ‘Nough said.


Ruthie’s second bubble bath ever. She was a bit timid but tolerated the bubbles. The bath didn’t last long.

St. Patty’s Day fun! We kicked off a week of celebrations with the parade in downtown Mooresville on Saturday. We followed it up with a trip to the park and ice cream store. We will celebrate on Thursday with onion rings and green milkshakes at Pike’s Soda Shop in Charlotte. It has been a long-standing tradition. On St. Patrick’s Day four years ago I found out I was pregnant with Eleanor. I couldn’t stand the idea of drinking a green beer and opted instead to eat a whole plate of onion rings. Each year on March 17th we now celebrate by returning to Pike’s and eating onion rings. We call it Eleanor’s “Gotcha Day” and spoil her rotten the whole day! Next Saturday if I’m brave I will also take the girls to Charlotte for the parade.

That’s all. This coming week promises to be just as busy. I’m starting a new part time job, continuing with Eleanor’s swim lessons, and my month long running challenge and hoping to finally get on my bike at some point. Have a great week friends!


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