Half Way There

(Alternate post title: Many photos of me sweating!)


For some crazy reason I made a goal on March 1st to run every day in March. Someone rewind the clocks 15 days and tell me not to do it! Actually it hasn’t been all that bad. I have always had a love/hate relationship with running. I love the way I feel accomplished after a good run. I love how running has taught me I can achieve things I never imagined possible. But I hate the mental game and the dread that leads up to every run. And I hate long runs without friends. Too boring.

With those challenges in mind, here is how I set forth on my goal to run every day in March:

I began with absolutely no rules except that I had to run every single day. This flexibility has been key in my success. Most days I run between 3 and 4 miles. So far I have not run further than 4 miles although I plan to at some point. But many days I have run 1 to 2 miles. Somedays I check the girls into the gym child care and run on my own, many days Alex and I run together, and a few days I have chosen to push the double stroller so the girls can keep me company on my runs. When I push the stroller I usually do 1 to 2 miles max. On my own I rarely stop at less than 3. And with Alex I am more likely to push to 4 miles. I have not kept track of my workouts at all. I just mentally check each day off and move on.


This goal has given me motivation to be active every day. And in many ways I have learned to not dread my run. Knowing that it is inevitable, and also that I only have to go as far as I feel, lets me release my nervous fears. And I actually feel like I run faster and harder and longer when I let go of all expectations.


The gorgeous March weather has also been incredibly encouraging. I’ve only had to run on the treadmill once in 15 days! Alex’s company also keeps me motivated. Unfortunately he has sustained a running injury and I’m now running solo most of the time. If I knew that was coming I know I would have never set this goal. But now I’m halfway there and there is no turning back. I might as well as close this month out a success!


This may be the craziest goal I have ever set for myself. Especially since I haven’t run consistently or trained for a race in years! I am surprised that I am enjoying it much more than I thought was possible. And since I recently cancelled my beloved boot camp membership this has been the perfect challenge to keep me active this month!

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