Gotcha Day

(Eleanor’s new favorite pose)

I know everyone is posting about Easter weekend activities and I’m all like let’s back up two weeks ago and play catch up, but bear (bare?) with me eh?

We celebrate a different kind of holiday in the Kummerow house. Because both of our babies took us quite by surprise we can remember very vividly finding out about each one (basically when I start throwing up for no reason) so we celebrate learning we were pregnant with a “Gotcha Day” for each of the girls. Eleanor’s day is March 17th (St. Patrick’s Day and my brother’s birthday) and to commemorate the important day we retrace our steps each year back through the events of that fateful day.

Basically we head to Charlotte and eat onion rings.


We added in ice cream for good measure.


We headed into Charlotte as soon as Alex got off work and didn’t hit any traffic. Since we made great time we swung by “the little church” (Eleanor calls it) to take a few photos and dance around before grabbing dinner. This is St. Mary’s off 3rd street and is where Alex and I were married. I ran around the park begging for just one good photo of my girls, basically ruining all the fun, and then we headed to Pike’s Soda Shop for the infamous onion rings.

Ru’s outfit was stinkin’ cute and Eleanor’s dress was great for twirling. I found them both on the cheap at a great kid’s consignment store in Huntersville, Kid to Kid. Matching Toms shoes compliments of my dear SIL. I may be biased but my kids are so cute!

It was a fun night albeit a little angsty with our threenager. Table manners aren’t always on cue. Especially when all we feed her is fried and sugared food. #momfail


I’m so blessed to be her mommy. Four full years of knowing her existence in this world. I don’t know what I would do without Eleanor. I’m so thankful she made me a mom. And I’m so thankful for this guy as my partner in crime in parenting.

Mostingly I’m thankful that he puts up with my crazy antics. Yes dear, just one more holiday tradition. He loves every minute of it!


So long! And Happy Monday. I’ll be back tomorrow with out Easter shenanigans. Until then, Praise Jesus!


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