He Is Risen Indeed

It’s a wild Friday night over here. I’m forgoing the movie party in the other room to catch up on my posts. So I’ll just munch on my popcorn right here and move all these photos from my phone to here. Grab your popcorn and follow along, eh?

(and this amazing candy bar!)


It’s not too late to talk about Easter Sunday right?


First, can we talk about how the enemy preys on us on Sunday mornings specifically? I think as women it is easy to get caught up in the dresses and obligations and forget the real reason for church. I lost that battle on Easter Sunday and wound up angry as we walked into the Easter brunch at church. I knew the entire morning what was happening but struggled to temper my emotions. I managed to push aside my feelings to worship Jesus and praise God for the ultimate sacrifice. His son died on the cross and we are forgiven sinners free to live and worship and these truths bring me so much joy. But it doesn’t mean I’m not tempted. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and he was after my joy on Easter morning. The devil’s tactics against us are so obvious and unoriginal at times and yet I’m human and all the stresses that come with getting ready for church with two littles make me an easy target. Little by little I’m fighting it off, praying for God to protect me from the evil one. I desperately seek the Lord and pray for a strong marriage and the ability to demonstrate grace and love to my husband and girls all day, every day. It’s not perfect but my faith increases all the time. I believe God wants so much more for my family than ugly Sunday mornings. And now I’m off on a tangent. But really, this whole ordeal began the tone for Easter and I was reminded just how desperately I needed Jesus to die on that cross. Without Him we are lost!

Easter morning started early. The girls quickly found their baskets and cheered at the treats tucked inside. Eleanor emitted a hundred “Oh thank you’s” and checked out each and every piece of candy. We didn’t pack their basket with much, just a few of our favorite candies: Starburst jelly beans, Cadbury eggs, Reese’s eggs, and teeny chocolate bunnies. Eleanor also got a new water bottle and Ruthie received a fruit and veggie pouch.


Honestly, our morning was not as dramatic as I may have made it seem. We were all dressed and ready for church on time, the Ham and Cheese Sliders were ready to go (seriously the best potluck dish of all time) and we were off. The girls looked precious in their beautiful Easter dresses and brunch at church was a great time with all our favorite people.


Church was nontraditional. We had a guest pastor teach us about the Passover Seder. As per usual though the girls danced around in the front of church during the praise and worship.

After church we headed to Alex’s mom’s for a traditional Easter lunch: ham, potatoes and rolls and our contribution, a delicious carrot cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Alex’s mom arranged an Easter egg hunt for the girls and loaded them with small toys and candy.


Ruthie is a mess when you don’t give her exactly what she wants and so she ended up eating far more than her share of chocolate.


And clearly Eleanor cared nothing for her Easter basket full of treats!

I hesitate to write even more about the holiday because truly I prefer my memories rose colored, however something else quite awful happened on Easter that scared me beyond measure. While we were eating dinner Ruthie choked on a large piece of cantaloupe and Alex and I had to use the Heimlich Maneuver to dislodge the food. She was completely purple and not breathing and it was terrifying. I have been certified in CPR and First Aid since high school and really thought it would be instinctual if I ever had to use the training. Unfortunately it wasn’t and I admit I spent precious seconds second guessing everything. I whisked Ruthie out of the high chair and into my arms while encouraging her to cough on her own and to breathe. After many seconds I finally gathered my nerves enough to turn her upside down on my forearm but then hesitated to slap her on the back. (While Ruthie is over a year old she is still very small for her age and it felt natural to use the baby method for choking rescue on her) Alex finally whisked her out of my arms and onto his forearm and managed to maneuver the lodged food from her throat with a few quick back slaps. The lesson here is to be prepared but also I now know it actually works in real life to perform the Heimlich and I’m sure I wouldn’t hesitate again in the future. Also, I’m just so grateful she is alright. She remained purple for nearly a full minute after she began breathing again and I was terrified still. But slowly her color changed. And almost instantly she reached for the piece of cantaloupe again to shove in her mouth. Oy! We have been so gun-shy with food since Easter and watch her eat every single bite.

Needless to say we were weary when we finally arrived home around 5pm on Sunday. We retreated to the living room and popped in a show for Eleanor to watch. Ruthie went to bed incredibly early and we all spent the evening resting. We don’t have the rosiest Easter memories from this year but again, it reminded us ever more why we so desperately need a Savior and the real meaning behind the day. “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” (Matthew 28:6)

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