Ending 31 days of Running and Commit 2 Fit Challenge

I’m about five days late to the punch but here ya go anyhow…

I’M DONE!! I ran every day for 31 days straight. Some days were hard, some days were easy, some were long, some were short, some were fast, some were slow. (Now I sound like a Dr. Seuss book). But no matter the run, I did it! And it was fun. Most days I didn’t mind the run at all. Some days I even looked forward to it. And throughout I learned many lessons…

  • I don’t have to always workout in the morning, afternoon workouts were great too
  • I can motivate myself to workout without a gym membership
  • I don’t have to dread my workout all day leading up to it
  • I can stay healthy and fit by being consistent, even if workouts are not long
  • treadmills are not always the enemy (I chose the treadmill for my very last run on the 31st just to switch things up!)


In the end I was ready for a day off and Friday, April 1st came just in time. As did my sister-in-law’s visit. We like to relax together and that’s just what we did on Friday. And my legs were grateful for a day off.

Among all the runs last month I was also sneaking in boot camp workouts on Saturdays. Burn Boot Camp always hosts a free camp at 9am on Saturday so although I cancelled my membership I continued with it once a week. Which brings me to my next topic: a new challenge.


Burn Boot Camp is hosting a Commit 2 Fit Challenge this month. The cost is way down for this challenge and so affordable that I can join back up for the month (cheaper than my Y membership at $30!) So I began back at boot camp on Monday for the first day of the challenge.


(My before photo…very professional)

To play along I am attending 4 to 6 BBC workouts, following the 10-point nutrition plan which includes a grain-free, high-protein diet, drinking a home made detox elixir, and counting calories. I don’t usually count calories as a weight loss method, but I’m actually hoping to see some results this month (namely the last few pounds of my Lose 20 goal) and thought I’d give it a try. I’m also going to be posting about Commit 2 Fit on my Instagram for progress and accountability (and entry into the prize drawings).

Throughout the challenge are mini-challenges including timed burpees, wall sits, jump squats, planks, V-ups, jump rope, and mile lunges. We did our first two challenges today and I managed 111 burpees in 10 minutes and a 10 minute wall sit! We will repeat the challenges later in the month to try to improve our numbers.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a sucker for a good challenge. It keeps me motivated and accountable. In two days I’m already feeling a turn around, I’ve kicked the sugar habit to the curb and have pounded out two heart-pumping sweat sessions. I am already sore from the burpees today and know that the hard workouts combined with the whole-foods diet is going to get me to my goal. Finally.

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