Highlight Reel

Anybody else sit up at night after the kids are in bed and scroll through all your phone photos of said kids. It’s like all day I can’t wait until bedtime and then the minute they are in bed I just stare at pictures all night. Admittedly the photos can be a lot cuter than real life. Which is why social media is often called the “highlight reel.” Well here’s our highlight reel of late:


It’s no secret I love playing matchy-matchy with the girls. Now if only that sweatshirt came in my size!


(ummm, so maybe not quite a highlight!)

The girls are getting so big! I spent an hour last night looking at Eleanor’s baby photos and I seriously can’t even remember what it felt like to hold her.


Selfie’s at the race expo. Alex ran a half marathon last weekend!


Some more expo fun:


We stayed with my cousin Jess in Raleigh. It was a blast and we cannot wait to head back up there this summer for more family fun!


Love that. Be a Joanna Gaines.


Killing time at Old Navy. I want to buy all the things.


Before bible study last week. Gosh I love these sweet sisters! The days can be hard, admittedly. Last week was probably the toughest. But then in moments I see them play and have fun together and I think about my bond with my sisters and I remember that it is all worth it.


My new-to-me green jeans. I love them and cannot stop wearing them! Since most of my clothing is black and gray it is fun to spice it up a bit. Also, I hit up Green Jeans Consignment Sale this week and bought about 15 shirts for super cheap. I think I finally have all the things to put together my spring/summer capsule wardrobe but need to pair down a few more and then maybe I will post about it all. I also consigned at Green Jeans this spring and made some money. I actually made more than I spent so I call that a win.


From Green Jeans. I didn’t actually buy it but what a cute dress for $10!


We babysat for my friend’s three girls one afternoon last week. Look how big Ru is compared to the newborn. Where did my baby go?!


Not my yard but would work really well when we move back into the house. Could make a fun little spot for the girls to play and explore!


It hit 80 degrees today! And we basked in the sun!


And last but not least…our obsession with snapchat continues to grow. Eleanor and her aunt (Nene) send silly snaps back and forth to each other every other day or so. It’s a fun way for them to stay connected, but also a fun way to document our lives (as if Instagram wasn’t enough oversharing!)

That’s all for this Sunday evening. The whole house sleeps, so I guess I shall too. Goodnight!


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