Greenville, SC Day Trip

Alex and I have a giant month of travel ahead of us so naturally we tacked on one more weekend trip at the very last minute. I realized we would hardly have time to celebrate Alex’s upcoming birthday or Mother’s Day this month, and my mom is staying in South Carolina so we used the free sitter to getaway from the kids for a day. After work on Friday we headed south to my Aunt Linda’s, tucked the girls into bed, sipped wine with family and friends and stayed up much too late.


Early Saturday morning Alex and I hit the road for Greenville. We were packed for camping but the weather made us second guess our plans so we decided to just spend a day leisurely exploring the city and head back to my aunt’s at night. We began with a delicious breakfast at Mary Beth’s.


Alex had the Upstate Eggs Benedict. The horseradish hollandaise was so divine I kept asking for bites. I enjoyed the Lemon Ricotta pancakes which were savory and sweet. I licked every last drop of homemade lemon curd from the dish.


During breakfast we formulated our plan. We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather before the afternoon storms hit so we headed up McBee to Reedy Bikes and rented cruisers to ride from Greenville to Traveler’s Rest on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.


The 10 mile ride took about an hour and a half. We parked the bikes and walked the town before stepping into the Swamp Rabbit Brewery for a drink.

Before hopping back on the bikes we made one more stop at the Pink Mama’s Ice Cream for a frozen strawberry-banana Yonana.


Riding bikes is good for my soul. And time away from the kids was exactly what I needed this weekend. While all of our activities could have been very kid-friendly, it was so enjoyable to just enjoy my husband’s company and relax all day. We didn’t get too many opportunities to chat while riding. The trail was fairly busy and we rode most of the way in single-file but just being together was exactly what I needed.


We ended our biking experience almost exactly four hours later. Headed on foot, we made our way to Falls Park where we strolled hand and hand and sat on a park bench for the better part of an hour and did absolutely nothing. It was glorious.


We worked up a giant appetite biking so we made our way to Grill Marks for burgers and drinks. I sipped an afternoon bubbly because why not?


Halfway through our meal the skies opened up and we were poured on at our patio table. We made a mad dash for inside. Our meal was re-fired and we finally got to eat peacefully out of the rain. The food was amazing, although we had a little issue getting the cook on our burgers right. Mine came out nearly rare, and Alex’s well done and we both ordered medium. The kitchen quickly rectified the issue. The best part of my burger was the amazing Au Poivre sauce. The meal hit the spot.

After our late lunch we caught a break in the storm to run across the street to a cutesy book store and bakery. We didn’t buy anything but perused the books, killing time until we could decide what to do in the storm. Eventually we just decided to grab the umbrella and stroll the streets anyhow. We popped into a few shops and just took our time.


We made one last stop in Greenville at Quest Brewing Company. We shared a flight and then headed to Fresh Market to grab a bottle of wine and yummy desserts before heading back to my aunt’s house.


The girls were already in bed so we enjoyed our dessert and wine and chatting with my aunt and uncle before tucking ourselves into bed as well. We were so exhausted from a very full day in Greenville.


Sunday morning we were awakened by the girls and their giggles. They had an equally good time playing with my mom and aunt while we were away. Before heading home we had brunch at the country club with my family and let the girls run around on the green with their cousins.

A huge thanks to my mom for watching the girls for us so we could catch a break this weekend!



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