Celebrations Part 1


As I mentioned in my last post we had some serious travel plans in May. Our niece, Emily, graduated college the first weekend in May so we began our journeys with a drive to Ohio. Now, if you recall, the last time we made this trek back in February our car died in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. This time we were happy to be traveling the road in a newer vehicle but I prayed the whole way that our car would survive the trip, and all subsequent trips. We really don’t need another setback. Fortunately we arrived safe and sound, car and all.


The day we traveled to Ohio also happened to be Alex’s birthday. He just returned from a work trip and we had to hop right in the car to make it for Emily’s pinning ceremony. It was a long day of travel but I was sure to reward Alex with a delicious cake once we arrived. Also, my friend Angie pitched in by making sure her fridge was stocked with beer for Al. His birthday came and went quite uneventfully so I was happy we celebrated the weekend before in Greenville.


Ok, I’m already getting much to wordy for a travel post, so I’m going to try to stick to details so we can get through this.


(Eleanor Rose dress found on consignment for a steal!)

Friday was Emily’s pinning ceremony followed by lots of family photos and a celebratory dinner at a local BBQ restaurant. It was casual and fun and we got to catch up with family that we love so much. The weather was also gorgeous, as was the graduate.


Eleanor for real could not get enough of Emily and stuck by her side the entire weekend!


By the end of Friday we were all tuckered out and headed to bed as early as possible (although I wound up staying up incredibly late chatting with my friend Angie and catching up!)


Saturday we were up early and dressed for the commencement ceremony. The girls didn’t tolerate sitting still for long so we wound up in a side room with the graduation on a big screen with lots of other children running around. It was basically ideal. Right before Emily walked across the stage we bolted inside for a quick view and then back into our play room.


After the ceremony ended we headed back to the BBQ place because it was so good. And the little town in Ohio didn’t offer many options. We took it all to go and ate at the hotel. Ruthie and I napped while Eleanor and Alex helped Emily pack at her house. Later we all had ice cream for dinner and Alex took Eleanor swimming in the hotel pool while I hung out with Karina.  The hotel bed was comfortable and we slept great that night. Sometimes its just nice to stay at a hotel.


Sunday we were once again up early (thank you toddlers) and after breakfast at the hotel we finished helping Emily pack and load her car and then we were headed home. It was Mother’s Day and also quite uneventful. Again, it was a good thing we celebrated the weekend before.


The coolest thing that happened to me on Mother’s Day was finding out I won a Lily Jade bag from an Instagram giveaway! That was gift enough for my big day. We settled into the drive home, stopping for Panera and Starbucks along the way.


It was a quick and full weekend. We loved celebrating Emily’s special day with her! She is such a beautiful young woman with such a bright future ahead. She is a shining example of Jesus to everyone she meets. I just hope one day my girls grow up to be half as amazing as Emily is!


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