Ruthie’s Gotcha Day

Side note: So I’ve just realized that “Gotcha Day” for many families refers to the day of adoption of a new child/family member. I’m re-thinking my use of this term to describe the day we found out we were expecting each of our girls. When I started calling it “gotcha day” I never knew it was a term used frequently for families adopting. I don’t know what else I would call it and “gotcha day” is already a big part of our lives/vocabulary. Any thoughts?


At any rate, Ruthie’s Gotcha Day snuck right up on us this year. For starters, we have been traveling so much lately. And then my entire family was struck down with a terrible virus which we still haven’t managed to shake. But on Saturday we rallied to celebrate Ru’s day. And we were lucky enough to have my mom in town to celebrate.

The day I found out we were expecting Ruthie, I surprised Alex when he got home from work. We were both so excited but shocked. Just like with Eleanor, we found out I was pregnant because nausea hit hard immediately. The next eight-ish months were a fog of headaches, nausea and exhaustion. However, it was all worth it when we met Ruthie on January 19th, 2015. So now we celebrate that fateful day in May when we found out Ruthie was on the way.


On that day we had made plans to meet friends at the park to let Eleanor and Harper play (top picture above). Alex and I were bubbling over with excitement and surprise and we just couldn’t hold it in. Although we had just found out ourselves, we bursted at the seams to tell our friends. Moments later they were sharing with us that they were expecting their second child as well. Later we found out we were due just a day a part, both expecting girls and eventually delivered them a day apart. What a fun story! So every year on Ru’s gotcha day we return to the park to let the girls swing and run around in the sunshine.


The girls weren’t feeling 100% like themselves, both battling coughs, so we didn’t play for long. We ended our park trip early to eat at Five Guys, our other gotcha day tradition. While pregnant all I ever wanted to eat was fries and a coke. Eleanor got so used to my order she could say it for me when we would roll up to McDonald’s (yikes!) But as a non-pregnant person I reasoned that Five Guys had much better fries so that stuck this year as our go-to gotcha day meal.


We stopped by the store on the way home to grab milkshake-making supplies and once home I whipped up homemade strawberry milkshakes for my girls.


While this year’s celebration was shadowed by illness, we still managed to have a bit of fun and celebrate our sweet Ru!


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