A Perfect Saturday

We have been house shopping lately, which makes me completely restless. When I make up my mind about something I want it RIGHT NOW. Waiting is not my strong point. So Saturday when I woke up way too early at 5:30am I had no choice but to get out of bed and get my day started. My mind would not quiet so I started the day with a 5 mile run out my front door.

I didn’t expect to run that far but it felt really great and helped quiet my restless mind. Plus I got to run right by my new favorite house.

I was already on cloud nine after a great run, but the rest of the day just kept getting better. After a quick shower and breakfast at home we took the girls to the park for some early morning swinging.


And after the park we cruised a few yard sales before walking through an open house at our other favorite house.  All of our house shopping hinges on whether we can sell our home this summer but I’m anxious and excited for big changes.


We met up with a bunch of our friends at the library for the summer reading kick off party and then went out for pizza at Alino’s. This place is truly our favorite place to eat in Mooresville. How three simple ingredients (bread, sauce, and cheese) can taste so good is a mystery to me!


The girls, Alex and me ate four slices a piece! We are a hungry family!

We took the girls home for naps and I ran out to check the mailbox.


It was a very happy mail day. I received the girls’ dresses I ordered from Eleanor Rose last week, plus a jean jacket from Gap and shirts I ordered from Everlane! I love receiving packages!

My friend Chrissy offered to keep the girls after naps so Alex and I could go out. The girls and I are leaving for our Chicago trip this Friday and we are going to miss him so much. It was really nice to spend some alone time with just Alex.


We drove to Charlotte for beers at Triple C brewing before a quick pit stop at Trader Joe’s and back home to grab the girls and put them to bed. Alex and I munched on chocolate cake while watching too many episodes of One Tree Hill, our current obsession.

And that was all. A Perfect Saturday. I guess there isn’t much I really need to have fun: just my family and good pizza and beer.



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