Quick trip to South Carolina

So we landed home on Sunday from our travels around Chicago. On my way back I chatted with my mom and found out she was driving from Florida to Missouri and stopping briefly at my aunt’s house in South Carolina. So while we just arrived home, we jumped back in the car Tuesday night for a three hour trip to see my mom.


We spent exactly 24 hours in South Carolina and most of it was spent swimming in my aunt’s community pool.

When we weren’t in the pool the girls were reading books with their Oma or playing with my cousins children.

It was a whirlwind and I questioned my own sanity for jumping right back in the car after our Chicago trip. But I’m so glad we got to see my mom and surprisingly it was even a bit relaxing.


In other summer news:

Eleanor had a paint class last week. Our friend invited us last minute and it was so fun to watch Eleanor get all artsy. She was so focused and determined.

I love how slow and steady Eleanor is. She takes her time and works hard at everything she does. I still get frustrated when she is unwilling to try new things or be more adventurous. But as I learn her personality more and more I realize that she has many qualities that are all her own. She loves to read, draw and paint and will spend hours on one activity. She is a pretty amazing little girl!


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