Summer Swimming

We are smack in to the dog days of summer. Honestly we are spending most of our time cooped up inside. I don’t feel guilty. It’s all afternoon movies and library play dates over here. Even the splash park and pools aren’t very enticing in these 3-digit days. Although, somehow I was convinced to line up back-to-back-to-back pool days this weekend.


Friday we met with our old playgroup friends for a visit to a neighborhood kiddie pool. I was able to sit with my feet dangling in while catching up with my best girlfriends about summer vacations and new kiddo developments.


Side note: How did my little get so big? Why does E look like a teenager here?

Saturday morning, after a hot and sweaty boot camp workout, I grabbed a shower and my family and we met friends at the splash park before lunch and naps. That same afternoon we attended a birthday pool party for one of E’s friends.


Meeting Ariel was a definite highlight of Eleanor’s weekend. The face of a little girl who just met her hero:


Eleanor has been totally into The Little Mermaid this summer, and really all mermaid things. We had a super time but left after just a couple hours since I had the girls alone without Alex. Two on one in the pool is just stressful. Back at home I baked a paleo-friendly cake for the girls. I felt bad denying them birthday cake at the party but have been avoiding dairy and gluten with them for over a month. The chocolate cake with coconut whip and chocolate ganache was a hit.


I used this recipe for the chocolate cake base and just made up the frosting recipes. It kinda reminded me of a Swiss Cake Roll only with dark chocolate. But with the chocolate cake, whipped cream frosting inside and crunchy chocolate shell it completely fit the bill.


Sunday was our usual church, lunch and naps. After Alex got home from work we packed up dinner and headed to my bestie Melisa’s for a fun family night. Eleanor and Ruthie ran around playing with Melisa’s girls and after dinner we all took a dip in the pool.


We started today with another boot camp workout and a trip to the Juice Bar in Mooresville for sample day. I finally got around to trying kombucha. It took a few sips but I would say I am now totally hooked.


We had lunch, the girls napped and then we headed to the leisure pool in Statesville for another birthday celebration.

All this swimming is paying off. The girls are so comfortable in the water and love to splash and kick around. I love watching them enjoy swimming!


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