Day in the Life

5:57am: I wake up and find myself on the couch. It was a rough night last night. E woke us up at 2:30am and I tossed in turned in bed until I finally took to the couch to catch a few restless hours of sleep. Alex is already up making coffee and breakfast.

6-6:20am: Shower and get ready. Ru is up. She eats two scrambled eggs, a banana and sweet potato and turkey sausage hash. She cries for more. She always cries for more. I appease her with a cup of almond milk while I finish getting ready.

6:30am: Alex is out the door and I get Ruthie dressed and do her hair while simultaneously picking up the living room and bedrooms. We make loud noises trying to ease E into wakefulness. She finally stirs and she eats the same breakfast as Ru while I braid her hair and ask her questions from her Melissa & Doug Smarty Pants Kindergarten cards. I get E dressed, we all brush our teeth and by 7:30am we are out the door on our way to boot camp.

8:00am: I work in the childcare room at boot camp. We have more kids than usual and lots more crying than usual. I desperately need a killer work out after this.

9:30am: It’s leg day and I’m so happy to see my friend Brittany walk in to partner with for today’s boot camp. We work up a pretty good sweat.

10:30am: We make plans with Brittany and her girls to go to the library’s story time at 11, but first I have to run by Carolina Pie to pick up a peach pie for a special family tonight.

11am: Story time. My girls have been exceptionally tired and whiny today so we needed this outlet. The teacher keeps the kids busy with lots of songs and books that require movement. Eleanor and Ruthie and their friends are totally into it. I catch a break sitting in the back with Brittany.

12noon: Lazy girl lunch- smoothies for the girls. I mix banana, frozen berries, baby carrots, spinach, almond milk, probiotics, ginger and lemon together. They both suck their’s down and I sneak sips where I can get it. By 12:30pm they are both in their beds napping and I get to work on dinner. My good friend’s dad passed away last week and I want to do something nice for them. I use the girl’s nap time to put together Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Baked Potatoes with homemade Ranch dressing and salad. The pie is also going to them.

Once the food is cooking I whip up a quick salad of romaine, shredded carrots, tomatoes, chicken sausage, hard boiled egg and homemade Ranch dressing. I eat while typing up this post and listening to this beautiful song my friend Bekah sent me. I’ve been thinking a lot about death lately and trying to make sense of the tragedies our world is facing, and the tragedy my close friend had to face last week. I am more interested in understanding eternity than I ever have been before. I draw near to Jesus for hope and peace during this tumultuous time.

2:30pm: The girls are up and it’s time to head to Charlotte to bring our friend’s dinner. We stay to play for a bit and catch up.

4:30pm: We head home. I brace for awful traffic on the way home and we luck out just a little. Still slow but steady. We are home in time to feed the girls dinner. They eat potatoes and chicken, leftovers from the dish I made for our friends.

After dinner we watched Little House on the Prairie. I rented the Little House in the Big Woods book on CD from the library and we have been listening to it all week. Eleanor is super into it and even requested “Laura” braids today so as a treat we rented the movie too and watched it tonight. I also read her the Going to Town book before bed tonight. Needless to say this is basically my favorite moment in parenting.

6:30pm: I’m flying solo tonight since Alex has to work this evening. Wednesdays are long hard days but once the girls are in bed it is nice to catch a little quiet time for myself. I sit down to eat my dinner and veg in front of the TV. My current faves are One Tree Hill and anything on HGTV. I also finish typing up this post and hitting publish praying that the next bit will come true…

9:00pm: Hopefully I force myself to crawl into bed. I have been so tired lately and staying up too late. I need my beauty sleep.

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