Half Birthday

Last week our little turned a year and a half old. We basically flew through the day without much pomp and circumstance, however I did want to pause a moment to chat about some of Ruthie’s developments at this age…more for the sake of my own memory. Humor me?

Ruthie is an energetic and sassy little thing. She refuses to be outdone by anyone bigger than her and insists on calling every little child a baby even if they are the same size. Ruthie is a shorty and most babies are actually as big as she. I’m excited to see where she is on her growth chart for height next week at her appointment. At 12 months she was in the 1 percentile and at 15 months she was inching up to the 10th percentile.

In the last two weeks Ruthie has popped two molars on the bottom. She now has a total of ten teeth. She will easily let you check them out and opens wide when you ask to see her teeth. She also loves brushing them. She will ask to brush her teeth multiple times a day and loves to just walk around the house brushing.

Everybody’s favorite thing about Ruthie is still those arm rolls. And her little baby thighs. So pinch-able! She’ll outgrow it all eventually so I’m savoring my little baby as long as I can. Because she is so short she feels like a baby in my arms still. I love to just snuggle her and she clings to me like a monkey. She also gives the greatest hugs and wraps her arms tightly around my neck. I hope I never forget the memory of her little baby body squeezing me so tight.

While she feels and looks like a baby still in so many regards, her attitude and physical abilities scream “BIG KID!” She wants to walk everywhere and refuses to hold hands. She easily climbs on most chairs and tables and when she stumbles or falls she picks herself right and up and brushes it off (literally by rubbing her hands together) and moves on. When she is injured a kiss easily solves the problem. Ruthie can now climb up on a stool and onto Eleanor’s bed and even occasionally get down on her own! She loves to carry the bathroom stool all over the house and use it to get on top of everything.

Ruthie loves to take toys from her sister and fights her for everything. Just this morning I had to remove her from Eleanor and put her in timeout for biting. Typically she won’t sit in timeout but she seemed to know she was in big trouble this morning. She sat still until I came to get her. She follows Eleanor around the house and wants to do everything her big sister does. She colors with the crayons with Eleanor and loves to sit and flip through the pages of a book but refuses to let us read to her. She has no patience for that. She moves quickly from one thing to the next and only sits still when she is eating.

Speaking of eating, this girl can put away some food. She always asks for more at the end of every meal and loves to eat bananas. She will also eat pretty much anything we put in front of her. At dinner she gobbles up the meat on her tray and then whines for more. We have a family rule that you don’t get seconds until you eat everything on your plate but Ruthie does not tolerate that rule at all. Every dinner usually ends in a screaming fit for more of her favorites and a refusal to eat the thing she doesn’t want. Then we take her plate away and she screams more until we finally give it back. She then concedes and eats the rest of her food and we finally give her seconds. This fighting match happens like clockwork almost every night. The fits are epic.

In just the last week Ruthie has picked up so many new words. She has been saying dada and mama and banana and dog and tickle and many others for a while. But now she repeats pretty much any word we say. New words include potato and avocado. It’s pretty impressive to hear. She also “sings” along to You Are My Sunshine. It’s absolutely precious and she gets many of the words right. In the car we catch her “singing” along to the music and it is just adorable.

Ruthie has really taken to the water this summer and loves to kick her feet and float on her back. She can almost float entirely unassisted. She paddles around in a puddle jumper without any help and loves to jump off the wall into the water when I count “1, 2, 3.” At the splash pad she tends to avoid the sprays of water but happily plays in the puddles or with buckets.

So that is all about my 18 month old in a nut shell. Anything I’m leaving out?

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