Meal Plan Monday


It was a hot and wonderful weekend and I’m not quite ready for it to be Monday yet. Alas, we have a fun little week ahead with some unusual happenings so let’s get right to this post so we can get on with the day shall we?

So I’m posting last week’s meal plan/prep and grocery shopping so I can give you feed back on how it all went rather than tell you about the upcoming week. I hope that makes sense and helps any of you trying to get organized with meals and planning for the week ahead.

Here’s a quick look at the week’s meal plan:

Sunday– Pork and Potato Salad

Monday– Ice cream for dinner…whoops!

Tuesday– Brats and peppers and onions

Wednesday– Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Potatoes with salad

Thursday– Bang Bang Shrimp Taco

Friday– Honey Mustard Chicken Salads

Saturday– Frittata and Roasted Potatoes

Sunday we had leftover smoked pork shoulder from some very generous friends. If you don’t have those kinds of friends handing over food try this recipe: Slow Cooker Kalua Pork. It is our absolute favorite! Also I made up the potato salad on the fly because I realized I forgot the ingredients for this pesto potato salad. You could also try this one or this sweet potato one, two of my other favorites. I’ve been on a major potato salad kick this summer! I also use homemade mayo, it tastes so much better and makes me feel just a little less guilty. It really is so easy!

Monday we originally had brats on the menu but were invited to a swim birthday party for one of our dear friends. We snacked on potato chips while swimming and then headed out for frozen yogurt after. You’ve gotta love impromptu summer days like this!


Tuesday Alex offered to plan and execute a meal for us this week and this was his choice. We grilled brats from our local Lowe’s Foods smokehouse and he made peppers and onions and red potatoes to accompany.

Wednesday I made dinner for our friends and was so happy there was enough for both our families. I followed this recipe for the Buffalo Sauce, made our shredded chicken using this method, whipped up a batch of Dump Ranch and served over baked potatoes.


Thursday we were invited for an evening swim but this time I came prepared with dinner so we didn’t wind up eating ice cream again! I made these Bang Bang Shrimp tacos at home and wrapped in regular corn tortillas and packaged to go. I don’t recommend this plan as they didn’t hold up very well or taste as good as they did fresh. However, the girls gobbled them down and each ate about four (cabbage and all!).


Friday we created these easy salads using a Cafe Delites recipe. The honey mustard marinade and dressing was delicious and even Eleanor agreed (drinking hers from the jar). We made deconstructed salads for the girls and Alex and I piled our plates high with lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, honey mustard chicken, avocado and bacon.


Saturday I threw together a quick frittata using all the leftover vegetables in our fridge. I sautéed mushrooms and broccoli together before folding into a dozen whisked eggs. I baked the whole casserole for 20 minutes at 350 degrees. While it baked I sautéed red potatoes until crispy and tender. It was quick and easy although the girls didn’t eat much of it; mushrooms aren’t their favorite.

For weekly meal prep I made all the sauces on Sunday afternoon. This included a batch of mayo, the Dump Ranch, the Bang Bang sauce, Buffalo sauce and Honey-Mustard dressing.While it still left a bit of work to do each day to prepare the meal, it did take care of most of the big messes. For me sauces are the hardest to do each day so it is better to knock it all out at once.

Our weekly Walmart online grocery total was close to $150 this week. I typically try to keep our budget at $125 so I wasn’t super pleased with this amount. We also made a few trips to other stores: Josh’s Market and Lowe’s Foods. Our weekly grocery total was probably somewhere close to $180. I’m struggling right now with our grocery budget. While we got a ton of food for this amount it still was not enough to feed our family of four for an entire week. Keep in mind that our meal on Sunday was gifted to us and on Monday we technically ate out. Alex also ate several lunches out and the girls and I ate out once this week which added to our food cost. Now that we are done with the Whole 30 I think it is time to add in a few more vegetarian meals to the week to lower the cost of our overall grocery bill. Any other tips for saving money? I feel like we are really hitting all the big points: meal planning, meal prepping, and shopping at a big box store. If you are interested here is a break down of what we purchased at Walmart this week. You can see we eat a ton of eggs and mostly organic meat. That adds to our costs significantly!

Order details

This meal plan is mostly paleo, almost Whole 30 approved. What are some of your favorite vegetarian or Whole 30 vegetarian dinners to help get me started planning for next week?

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