Weekend Recap

Y’all we live a very exciting life where the kids go to bed at 7pm and we crash on the couch for hours vegging to the very worst of reality television before calling it a night just in time to get barely enough sleep to hang on to our patience the next day. It’s a trying stage of life but also (admittedly) a very lazy stage of life. I find myself laying around more hours of the day than I’m proud to admit. But it’s like my body physically needs all the relaxing to make up for the mental endurance that is required to keep up with a one and three year old. So while I wish I could tell you our weekend began with an epic date night or at least a great movie and a delicious glass of wine, I sadly admit that I lay, unmoving, watching endless hours of the Food Network Star and eating Coconut Oil Chocolate.


We did play an awesome game at dinner of “Read this and we will let you get one more topping at TCBY” with Eleanor. She earned 5 toppings and read nearly a whole book on her own. Yup, it’s a thrilling life.

In an effort to live it up a bit, Alex and I packed the girls into backpacks Saturday morning for a short hike at Lake Norman State Park. We hiked the Lake Shore Trail and took the shortcut at mile 3 back to the car. I let Alex carry the heavy one but we both worked up a great sweat in the heat and humidity.

Back at home we enjoyed a quick lunch and put Ruthie down for an early nap before we headed to a birthday party. The next few weekends are packed with toddler birthday parties. This was the first of many.

Saturday night was another round of “hurry, get the kids to bed so we can lay around on the couch and stare at pictures of them all night.” Anyone else do this? The minute they are quiet and sleeping like angels I begin to miss them so much so I pull out my phone to look at the thousands of photos of them. All day long I ache for the moment when I can catch a break from the girls and the minute they are gone I just want them back in my arms.


Sunday morning we attended church and hustled home again for lunch and naps. We had another birthday party to attend. And while I might sound like I don’t enjoy these events, trust me as a SAHM I’ll take all the social action I can get. I got to catch up with a friend while handing over all parenting duties to Alex. To be honest I don’t think I changed a single diaper all day on Sunday! In an effort to stop all parenting on Sunday we also had cereal lunch.

My efforts clearly backfired because Eleanor was a grump all day. Her ability to argue has significantly improved in the last month and she will never take an answer for face value, she must always add her two cents. It’s quite impressive and also incredibly infuriating.

One of the sweetest moments this weekend was seeing how excited the girls were to climb all over the fire truck at the birthday party.

After all the party excitement Alex cooked us tacos and we watched a silly kid flick and put the girls to bed. I immediately poured myself two more bowls of cereal because I just can’t be trusted around cereal. And then it was time to- you guessed it- watch more Food Network Star.

How does the weekend always go so fast? Anyone do any hiking this weekend?

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