Slow Summer Weekend

The biggest highlight of the weekend was the start of the Olympics. We stayed up late Friday night watching the opening ceremonies. Thank goodness USA came through alphabetically in the E’s so I could go to bed. Pretty much every day since, the Olympics has dominated our time. We wake up in the morning and turn it on. We hold our tired eyes open late at night to catch gymnastics and swimming. Gosh I love the Olympics!

After sitting on my butt all morning Saturday watching athletes race around, we finally decided it was time to hit the gym. I left the house with my weakest sports bra on and a regular old t-shirt because I wasn’t entirely convinced I would do anything besides scrolling Instagram while walking on the treadmill. As providence would have it, we arrived at the gym right as a cycle class was beginning. I stared through the window looking in having the debate to go in or not. A girl walked right up behind and said, “Oh just go in!” It was as if she read my mind…or my contemplative face.

You never regret a work out, right? I was happy it was over but I was also happy I did it. I would not have pushed myself to work so hard on my own. Alex was finishing up on the treadmill when the class was over and we gathered our girls from child care and headed out to complete errands.


The night before I sent Alex out to buy dessert and his car broke down! I guess that should teach me not to need dessert every single night. So Saturday after the gym we jumped his car and drove it to the shop. It was due for several other maintenance issues so we decided it was an omen to take care of those things. We also picked up our groceries (gotta love online shopping!) before we were home to shower for the day. We headed right back out so I could take Alex to work and then back home for a lunch play date with our friends Chrissy and Savannah.

We hodge podged a meal out of all the leftovers in her fridge and mine while the girls ran around and played. Before naps the girls all had a smoothie pop outside on the patio. When we make smoothies I try to save a little extra to pour into molds in the freezer for just an occasion as this. Healthy kid dessert. I actually can’t stand to eat cold popsicles but the girls love them!


Alex and I had grand ideas to get out of the house Saturday night, but after a long afternoon at work for him, and not enough sleep the night before for anyone, we decided to stay in, watch more Olympics, and have a good dinner.

You know the routine Sundays…breakfast, church, lunch and naps. Since we have so much time between the girls waking up (6:30am) and church (10:30am) I decided to give my new curling wand ($8.50 at Target!!) another go. I feel like I really figured it out and I got so many compliments all day! I felt like a mermaid! Now I just need to figure out how women make their curls last more than one day. After I sleep on them I’m not so in love anymore. Also I work out nearly everyday and they just can’t survive boot camp!


After church we decided to eat out since we had to take Alex to work again. I had delicious burger with peach salsa and goat cheese with sweet potato fries. We have to reign in our eating out and spending to stay on budget this month! I’m just so tired of cleaning the kitchen.


Back at home the girls took great naps while I watched cycling and spent the afternoon perusing Rent the Runway (<-affiliate link) for dresses for an upcoming black tie wedding. I’m getting so excited for a long weekend away from the girls with Alex and his family!


Sunday night concluded with more Olympics and a delicious dinner that Alex cooked. Ever since he offered to cook a meal a few weeks ago I have been passing off cooking duties more and more. I am just incredibly burned out on cooking and need a break desperately! The Whole 30 requires so much prep work to keep four people fed. We were up until midnight watching the women’s gymnastics so that made for a rough start to our Monday. I can’t help myself when it comes to gymnastics!

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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