Does toothpaste cure a burn?

does toothpaste cure a burn

Thursday night was an epic Girls Night Out with some of my best friends. I was so excited about it I grabbed a cheap curling wand at Target just an hour before I was scheduled to meet the girls. Then I quickly tried to learn how to curl my hair and well that didn’t go so well. On the second curl I singed the inside of my index finger and my body immediately started sweating. I felt the sting of the burn come on and without a second thought I squeezed a giant glob of toothpaste on it.

Now I know that I heard this somewhere before. I’m pretty sure it was Alex actually. And I have a vague memory of maybe doing this before and it working really well. Although if I actually used this life hack previously I think I would remember because it worked 100 percent! I felt the initial sting and then within seconds it had cooled. As long as I had the toothpaste on my finger I felt nothing. NOTHING!

I contemplated that perhaps the burn wasn’t as bad as I initially assumed. I didn’t get a good look at it since I immediately squeezed toothpaste on top. But I wasn’t willing to take the toothpaste off and risk being in pain. I hate burns! And I only had 15 minutes until I had to be at the restaurant. I carefully wrapped bandaids around my toothpaste covered finger, dressed, wiped a bit of foundation and mascara on my face and headed out the door…head half covered in curls.

Once I was home from dinner and the movie I cleaned the toothpaste off my finger and finally saw the damage. A giant blister had formed on the inside of my index finger but it didn’t hurt at all. Now this is not an actual scientific experiment because I had no control and I am not at all willing to burn the other finger and leave it without the toothpaste to find the results. I suppose it is possible that the curling wand didn’t actually burn me that terribly, but I do have the blister to prove it.

This morning the blister is healing nicely and I have zero pain in my finger. I just did a quick google search of why it actually works and it turns out there isn’t much evidence and some posts say it can even aggravate the burn. I must put a disclaimer here that I have no medical experience and to only take my advice with a grain of salt, but in my experience of a very small, topical burn it worked!

Have you ever tried this home remedy? Any other crazy life hacks you know of?

Oh and I did finally figure out how to use the silly curling wand.

And why was our girls night so epic you ask? Well the food was just sub par and we actually were seated in the front row of the theater so it may seem like a complete and epic failure. But we were actually treated to very delightful show of actual crazy and horribly bad moms who had had a bit too much to drink. They were piled in the aisles and on the stairs of the theater without enough room to sit (because nobody wants to sit in the front row). They were incredibly rowdy and loud and were asked to quiet down multiple times by people around them. Other moms were standing up and shouting at them and they were parading around the theater like they owned the place.  A manager even tried to kick them out and ended up having to call in the police as reinforcements. An entire row of movie-goers were kicked out of the theater! It was quite the show and a movie-going experience I won’t forget in a hurry. It totally made the whole night and we even got a rain-checked ticket out of the ordeal. Bad Moms was truly an inspiring movie!

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