Things I’d have to give up to really live small

give up to live small

In the last two years of apartment living we have learned how to live with less. We have an unspoken rule that when new things come in we must replace it with things going out. It is a constant stream of in and out, in and out, and we usually have a pile by the front door of stuff just waiting to go. But even with all our efforts we still have so much!

As we near the end of this chapter of our lives and get closer to moving back in to the house I am allowing the stuff to accumulate more and more. Knowing that we will have more space soon has made me less conscious of all the stuff. Bigger closets, more cabinet space, an actual laundry room…oh the joys of square footage! But I’m stopping to really consider what we will bring back with us. Will we fill our space just because we have it or will we be intentional with the things we allow in our life?

All that and our house living situation might still be temporary. We dream of the day when we can sell the house and pick a new place for our family to live. I secretly dream of Airstream trailers and tiny houses while we search for a home with a family room and space for guests. No matter where we decide to live next, living in this apartment has taught us that life doesn’t always have to be super-sized.  Our trajectory can be different than the typical upgrades most families make at this time in life. Maybe we will just continue to be different and keep going smaller. Maybe 900 square feet isn’t small enough. Maybe, just maybe, we will reach for 600 square feet. What would I have to give up then?

  1. Picture frames. Most certainly the endless amount of picture frames that I hoard would have to go. Luckily for us we have Instagram and Facebook to display our millions of photos.
  2. Books. Sadly my book hoarding ways would also have to end. I cannot help myself when I find kids books on sale for 50 cents or a dollar. The girls already have an extensive library and I cannot part with any single book. If we lived in a tiny house I would have to build shelves all over the place. You wouldn’t be able to open a cupboard or lift a cushion without finding books. Thankfully we will still always have the library…absolute heaven on earth!
  3. Our beloved Eleanor Rose dresses. (Did you see their latest sneak!!) Or maybe those would just be the only clothes I would keep for the girls. Although, if we lived in an Airstream they would be spending an exceptionally large amount of time outdoors and I’m not so sure I could handle those beautiful dresses being pulverized in the dirt and rocks and water. I think they would have to go. (Sniff. Sniff.)
  4. Shoes. We all have a giant shoe collection. Alex included. Eleanor has been in the same size shoe for two years and yet I still can’t stop buying the kid shoes. Alas, we’d have to pick out four or five of the prettiest most practical pairs and kiss the rest goodbye. Clothes and accessories don’t get me the way shoes do. They would be the hardest to part with.
  5. Small Kitchen Appliances. Can I keep my Vitamix? And my food processor? (They have different uses you know.) What about my bread maker, my ice cream maker, my back up blender, and my microwave? The toaster, the pizza maker, coffee maker, the Kitchen Aid Mixer…oh the Kitchen Aid Mixer!? I think this would be the clincher for me. I don’t know how I could live without my small kitchen appliances. Meal prep would be so different. We would have to eat much simpler. Our meals would have to be quicker and contain less steps. The prep space would be so much smaller. This would be the absolute hardest part of living in a small space, don’t you agree?

I have so many more I could include here…products, make up, toiletries, towels, dishes, board games, food, washer and dryer (!!), sanity, space, quiet…

The list goes on. What would be the hardest thing for you to give up?

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