Meal Plan Monday: I’m tired of cooking

I’m worn out with meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping and cooking. I’m not sure if it’s this terrible heat, lack of inspiration or just simple laziness. I have been reaching for easy and quick meals lately to get us through this spell. Here is a quick look at last week’s meal planning.

Sunday: Sweet potato and turkey sausage hash with eggs

Monday: Spaghetti squash casserole

Tuesday: Hamburgers and roasted potatoes

Wednesday: Crockpot BBQ chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

Thursday: Greek Chicken Salads

Friday: Burgers and Fumi Salad with friends

Saturday: Birthday party

Our menu is lacking in vegetables! I have been counting potatoes as vegetables a few too many times this summer. I justify it by packing the girls’ smoothies full of spinach and carrots. Honestly summer should feature a bounty of vegetables in the meal plan but despite the abundance available I am lacking inspiration. To me it is just one more thing that I must prep and cook. Maybe I will try to mix it up a bit next week.

Sunday I planned to make a giant frittata with a side of hash but wound up taking the easy way out by just frying eggs and topping the sweet potato and ground turkey sausage hash. It is a quick and easy breakfast-for-dinner kind of meal. We don’t use any recipe but just season the potatoes and turkey with fennel seed, salt, pepper and garlic.

Monday I once again changed my plan. I intended to make meatballs but ended up mixing the ground beef and tomato sauce and cooked spaghetti squash with a couple eggs and baked as a casserole ala this recipe.

Tuesday we made simple burgers with a side of roasted potatoes. I chose to cut the potatoes a little different to make them a bit more crispy and it was perfect!


On Wednesday morning I loaded the crockpot with our favorite BBQ sauce and chicken breasts and let it cook all morning before shredding the chicken and topping baked sweet potatoes for dinner.


Thursday I marinated chicken breasts in this Greek marinade and cooked on the stove top then sliced and topped salads of romaine, olives, artichoke hearts and cucumbers. The girls had a deconstructed salad with all the ingredients minus the romaine.

Friday we had an impromptu dinner with our friends. I had originally planned to make lasagna but instead we brought the ground beef to grill burgers. I ran out to grab the ingredients for Fumi salad and tossed together right before heading to our friend’s house. We also had a delicious corn salad and an ice cream bar for dessert that night.


I didn’t have to plan dinner on Saturday since we had a fun Olympics themed birthday party to attend. We ate burgers and hotdogs and all the party sides. We definitely had a burger-heavy week but I’m ok with that. It’s summer food.


We spent $134 on groceries at Walmart this week but we also popped into grocery stories throughout the week to pick up odds and ends like deli meat and bananas. We probably spent upwards of $175 on groceries this week. I mentioned it last week but we’d really like to start eating more vegetarian meals but I’m nervous about what we can add to the girls’ diets right now. We finally had Eleanor allergy tested and are hoping that we will have a better idea after we receive the results. If it turns out she isn’t allergic to anything then we will begin adding in more foods like beans and soy.

Here is our Walmart grocery list: Grocery List 8-15

What are your go to summer meals? Where do you reach for inspiration when you grow weary of cooking and meal planning?

3 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday: I’m tired of cooking

  1. Would you consider posting your shopping list? Thats the part that I loathe more than anything. I hate making a list and shopping, although I’m excited about walmart pickup close by. Great article! I get your pain, after whole 30 my desire to cook went out the window! My poor family.

    • Yes, I don’t mind posting the shopping list. I did it a few weeks ago but wasn’t sure if it was helpful but will update here and post in the future. Thanks for reading and commiserating with me!

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