Help me pick a dress

As I mentioned last week I am planning to rent a dress from Rent the Runway for an upcoming wedding. The affair is black tie and I cannot wait to get all fancy and dance the night away with Alex sans kiddos! This will be our first time leaving the kids while we take a trip together. I’m equal parts nervous and excited.

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To help me stay more excited than nervous I’ve been spending nap times shopping online for dresses. I decided on Rent the Runway for several reasons. One, I want to look absolutely stunning and saying I’m wearing a Badgley Mischka or a Nicole Miller makes it even better. Also, when will I have another black tie opportunity, and surely if I do I’m not going to wear the same dress twice! So naturally renting the dress makes complete sense. And if we want to go as far to say that it also allows me to stay true to my “small living” motto. Buying a dress I would only wear once seems simply wasteful.

I’m nervous to rent the dress for a few reasons. Fit. Obviously. I’m trying to really hone in on styles and cuts that I know will flatter my short but athletic build. I’m hoping that when I finally choose a dress it will flatter and fit perfectly. Rent the Runway lets you borrow two sizes to assure a perfect fit. It also helps that I can see photos of normal women wearing the dress. Many of them post their height and weight and body type to help other women decide if the dress will work.

I’ve been feeling all this pressure to choose the right dress so I was hoping you might help me decide. Let me know which dress you think works best for me and for a black tie wedding in Lake Tahoe in early October. Thanks!

Rent the Runway

Does A look familiar? That was the dress (<-affiliate link) JoJo wore on the final rose of the Bachelorette. Many of her dresses were from Rent the Runway. Alex’s favorite is B. And I honestly love them all. There were a few others I narrowed out because there weren’t enough real life photos and reviews. And I’m still torn on A and I because they are blush and I am not sure that is appropriate for a wedding. H is absolutely stunning on brunettes so it appeals to me. And G is just so fun but I’m not sure large patterns work on my 5’2  frame. But would small patterns like F because I love the cut? I love all things blue like C and E but really the black and white D is just so stunning and classic. Thoughts?

Have you ever rented a dress/outfit before? Alex is renting a tux so I thought why not? And which dress do you think would be the best fit for the occasion and for me?

As I mentioned above, the links contained in this post are affiliate links meaning I get a cut of any sale they make if you click through. However, I want you to know that my choice to use Rent the Runway was all my own and I am not being compensated for this post in any other way. I am just excited to try the service.

6 thoughts on “Help me pick a dress

  1. E totally! You would look great in all of them though. Blue is stunning on you, and the style is completely elegant. If not the blue then I would go with the black version. Just my two cents! Have fun!!

  2. E G or H.
    Here’s why- the blush/cream is probably a no-no for the wedding.
    Black is stunning and lovely but everyone wears black. As a friend reminded me when I rented a dress from RTR, go bold! Go different. So- I think navy is classic but not black if you want to be a little more in the norm. Plus lace is still all the rage. I do love G for some reason but not sure I could go for it. H is so feminine. I do like F but would want to look on RTR more to see real life pics. Having done RTR I would recommend going to those dresses and reading reviews from people with your coloring and sizes and see what they said. And see their pix.
    Oh- and also consider what month the wedding is. Did I miss that?

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