Why does blogging still feel so weird?


I started this here blog over a year ago. I wanted to be able to document my second child’s milestones in her first year of life. And I honestly needed an outlet for my newly SAHM status. Slowly a few of my friends and family members stumbled on the blog. I would casually mention it here and there, but I didn’t take it seriously…until recently.

Just last week I finally (finally!!) posted a blog post on my personal Facebook account and immediately began to sweat. I felt so silly and so exposed. I almost felt ashamed. And then I felt ashamed for feeling ashamed. Always as a blogger I have felt that I needed to make apologies for exposing my life on the great big internet. I have felt scrutiny (whether it existed or not) for my choice to blog. It made sense in my early days of blogging, almost 10 years ago. Bloggers were just making a name for themselves and it was hardly seen as a full time job, let alone a respectable career. But in today’s world where bloggers are working hard, creating valuable content, and making an income doing it, I was amazed to find how weary I was at announcing my little blog to my friends and family.

In person I have never directly received criticism for blogging. As I humbly talk about the blog people always respond favorably. I actually think my family and friends enjoy the blog to get a day-to-day look at our lives. Being away from family is difficult and I know I would savor every word and photo if one of my siblings decided to blog. So why did I get all jumbled up announcing to my Facebook world that I do indeed blog?

So I’m curious…do others feel this way about blogging? Like it is a dirty little secret? Like somehow being a blogger is still weird? That saying it is your hobby or career is criticized?

For me, I blog because I really, truly enjoy it. I love writing. I love to recap our lives and look back. I love having a landing place for all the photos we snap every day. And I also like the prospect that maybe I too could make a buck or two doing what I love. I struggle with the idea of going “public.” I talk about not wanting to add to the “noise” (whatever that means) and I want this place to be fun and enjoyable for others, just as I view the blogs I read. Somedays I really want to keep this space all to myself but most days I love the idea of others being able to read and share in my experiences.

4 thoughts on “Why does blogging still feel so weird?

  1. Ah such truth. As I used to blog so often and so passionately about my life and thoughts several years ago, it was such a release for me mentally to move on from where I was to the next thing in my life. It was cathartic for me. Then I let spiritual warfare creep in and I started listening to the voice of “nobody wants to hear what you have to say” or ” why would anyone care” or “if people cared about your words they would comment” or my favorite when reading someone’s opinion on blogging was “all bloggers are narcissistic and self absorbed thinking they are the center of the universe”. At first I was offended then realized that there is some truth to that or I wouldn’t be blogging publicly. Only recently have I come to the realization that my voice does matter to some and that if I continue to push down the creative outlet to write that I will continue to have creative constipation, constant depression and never be able to move on from here. I do believe I can write and write well. I do believe I’m worthy of moving on. I believe that God has placed this burden on my heart and that I do enjoy it. I’m prayerfully moving past the spiritual warfare to get my courage back to writing again. You have been an inspiration to me. Thank you my wonderful friend! I love you bunches!

    • You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to hear your words when you start again. I think for some people writing is NEEDED! I missed it so much. But I would never just write for myself. There is something about having a potential audience that helps words flow.

  2. Omg that whole last paragraph is me!! Ive been blogging for three years and have only started sharing to facebook for the past year or so.. I feel the same way too sometimes. We are our biggest critic. But in the end, as long as you are proud of what you wrote, it shouldn’t matter how others feel. No apologies, no deletions: be you! People love realness, and thats what your blogging is about. Happy blogging!!

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