Family Fun Friday

A quick look at our family fun this week. Unfortunately the heat is getting to us and keeping us indoors lately but we did catch a bit of relief on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Family Fun Friday

After the gym on Monday we just sat in the grass outside and ate a granola bar together, sang songs and ran around (them, not me– I was wiped from Insanity and Piyo!) It felt so nice to have a break in the humidity if only for a few days!


Tuesday our activity of choice was the library. I promised Eleanor if she napped well I would take her to rent the Veggie Tales: Penniless Princess. We just listened to The Little Princess audio book together and she had fun watching the Veggie Tales put their spin on this classic novel. We have also watched the other two versions of this movie and the Veggie Tales version is her favorite. While at the library the girls played quietly for over an hour. When they had their fill and started acting wild it was time to go!


We had a fun swim party on Wednesday with some of our Burn Boot Camp friends.  I have been lazy and not taking the girls to the pool often enough this month so it was great motivation for us to get back in the water. We brought a picnic lunch and stayed all morning until naps.


Although the heat came back with a vengeance we made it to the playground with our friends on Thursday morning. I love the park but my only struggle is that all the other moms pack snacks and I don’t. I try to teach the girls that other families do things differently than ours but it is always a struggle when my kids beg for snacks and I don’t have any. I don’t mind other moms feeding my kids but I always just feel so bad that my children eat their snacks. Admittedly I did forget to pack waters on Thursday and it was incredibly hot so my kids also drank from our friend’s water bottles. Sorry friends!


And on Fridays we stay home.

What activities did you and your kids get into this week? I am hoping to have a few more adventures before summer is over but for now our weekly rotation of park, library and swimming will suffice.

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