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Everywhere around us change is happening. My Facebook feed is littered with back to school pictures. Everyone’s first day of preschool and kindergarten immortalized by social media. As I sit here embarking on just another Monday I am envious of the other moms who are waving goodbye to their littles on their first days.


It’s not that I’m actually ready to send my kids off, and not even that I’m desperate for a break. I’m really just desperate for change. Unlike most of the entire population I love change! Love, love, love it! I’m over here scribbling new schedules and planning new activities to give me a small semblance of change. I too want to embark on a new season and a new phase of life.

I know I sound crazy. While other moms are shedding tears because they aren’t ready, I’m feeling ready for anything. I’m tired of the same day-to-day business…cook this, clean that, wipe this (usually a butt). I am trying to convince myself to enjoy the monotony. My time will come too soon when change will be all around and I will be wishing for time to stand still. I remind myself how lucky I am that we get to do whatever we want day to day. Each day can be,and is, its own adventure. I need to relax, take it easy, and enjoy this wonderful ride. Let time slow down and let this one last year of nothingness pass at a crawling speed. Slow deep breaths. Y’all have fun with your change and your kids running out the door. I’ll be over here attempting to soak up the tedium.


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