The pros and cons of working out

While working in the childcare room at Burn Boot Camp yesterday I kept peeking into the gym to see the workout. In my mind I was weighing whether or not I would stay for the 9:30 class. This pretty much happens every day and I get so close to talking myself out of going.  As I was putting on my gym clothes that morning I even went as far to mention to Alex that “I hope to get use out of these today” since I seem to be talking myself out of workouts more often than not lately.

I looked over my shoulder at one point and saw the women doing planks and blurted “I quit!” to my co-worker. “I quit working out, this is not for me anymore!” Although not serious, the thought crosses my mind so often that I wonder why I bother. Why do I work out? Why do I keep punishing myself day after day?

pros and cons of working out

First, the cons. Why do I ever consider quitting?

The sweat. Wouldn’t it be nice to get dressed and do my hair each day in the morning and look great the rest of the day? Most days I wind up in my sweaty gym clothes well into the afternoon until I can get a chance to shower.

The effort. So much of life feels like hard work right now. I’d love for just one thing to be easy…like maybe yoga. (Yogis don’t hate…I know it’s not really that easy)

I’m so tired. But really I am. I am so tired all the time. And no, I’m not pregnant. I’m just a mom. But really, that hour might be better spent taking a nap in the back of the gym instead.

If this is the great debate going on in my head each and every single day, how do I ever actually make it into the gym and begin a work out?

The after. All of the above just melts away half way into the work out. I am pushing myself harder each minute I am there because I know afterward I will feel like super woman. The endorphins far outweigh all the negativity that comes before the work out begins.

The calories. Let’s be honest. It’s much easier to justify that evening glass of wine or handful of chocolate chips when we burned a few, am I right? Not that it ever really keeps me away, but I sure like not feeling guilty.

The fitness. Every time we workout is like making a deposit into our fitness bank account. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier the next time, but over time results keep us motivated and driven. When I slack for a time it certainly makes it more difficult to come back.

The sanity. I am so much more patient. So relaxed. And accomplished after a workout. A good sweat session definitely keeps me sane.

What are the ways you talk yourself out of going to the gym? What helps you stay motivated?


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