What makes being a mom fun?

We live in an age where information is so readily shared. I don’t know about you, but most of the articles I read on Facebook revolve around how being a mom is so difficult. Most days I read those words and sigh in relief. I am not the only one who feels this way. It’s true, being a mom is tough work. And I’m so thankful that I am able to be part of a larger mom community on the internet. Isn’t it reassuring when we can relate to others’ experiences?

What I don’t read often enough, however, is how moms are enjoying their work. We are all so quick to share the tough stuff (see How to Potty Train in less than a year and Parenting Three Year Olds), but how often do we sit around and talk about the joy that comes with parenting? Quite honestly most days are hard, but I want you to see the joy in my everyday too.

being a mom is fun

For starters, isn’t it just pure joy that these littles love us more than anything in the entire world? And most likely they will for the rest of our lives. Despite all the hard times in life, my mom is still my number one. When I just want someone to be around, she is that person. I know that she will have my back no matter what for always. And I get to be that person for Eleanor and Ruthie. But of course this is talking big picture. What makes being a mom fun day-to-day…

I get to call the shots. All of them.  All the time. Occasionally this becomes overwhelming and I beg and plead for someone else to make decisions, but with the help of my husband we are 100% in charge. Bedtimes at 6:30pm- oh yes! Ice cream for dinner- occasionally.  Isn’t it fun being in charge? Of course it comes with its own struggles, like when we set consequences we really aren’t ok with and then we have to stick to it. But the inner-rebel in me loves being in charge.

I get to play. Eleanor and I will sit and color for hours. We read books. We bounce around the playground. I play with play-doh and blow bubbles. And like so many things I take this all for granted. While others are slaving behind their desks and rarely get to see the light of day, I’m outside in the sun playing tag.

I get to teach. I know this is challenging at times and certainly when I’ve repeated myself for the umpteenth time I too feel bursts of frustration. But you know what else I feel? Absolute pride and joy when I see my daughter master a skill that I have taught her. When I watch Ruthie point at a color or shape correctly or listen to Eleanor sound out a new word my mommy heart just bursts. There is absolutely nothing more amazing on this earth than having the responsibility to teach our children.

I get to relive my childhood favorites. Eleanor is at an amazing age. She is interested in so much but still lets me pick out just about everything (with some convincing). This month has been all about “The Little Princess”. Last month was “Little House on the Prairie”  (and our love continues) and before that was “Parent Trap” and “Punky Brewster” and “Secret Garden” and American Girl dolls. I love introducing her to all of my favorites and she loves it too! We listen to audio books in the car, watch the movies, and read aloud at home. Meanwhile, I am so thankful to be a girl mom. I’m not sure what I would do with boys!

Sometimes being a mom can be really, really hard. But so much of being a parent is also amazing and fun and it is easy to forget that when we are in the thick of it all. What are your favorite ways to have fun as a mom?

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