Meal Plan

Well it’s not Monday. I took a holiday. But I didn’t want to leave you hanging without a meal plan. Quite honestly I love posting these and it is a great resource for me when I need inspiration in the kitchen.

Once upon a time Alex remarked that we never eat the same meal twice. He would fall in love with something that we cooked but I would always insist on trying new things. We rarely had meals on rotation. Things are quite different now. Each week I am reaching for my favorite quick and easy meals and I find comfort knowing something is going to turn out the way I expect. Enter another week of tacos, cauliflower pizza and sausage and sweet potato skillets. Here goes last week’s meal plan:

Sunday: Chili Lime Burgers with roasted potatoes

Monday: Mac and Cheese Spaghetti with bacon and peas

Tuesday: Cozy Millet Mushroom Bowl

Wednesday: Taco Skillet

Thursday: Spicy Shrimp with Cauliflower Mash

Friday: Sausage/Apple/Brussels Sprouts/Sweet Potato Skillet

I leaned on Alex quite a bit for cooking this week. I say it week after week but I have been in quite the funk lately. I’m so grateful Alex picks up the slack where I leave off. He affords me a break when I need it, I just need to learn to ask for help more. This week was a bit weird because we were supposed to go out of town then that was canceled, then we booked a camping trip and then that was cancelled. So we wound up in town cooking through our meal plan.

Sunday– we made Chili Lime Burgers from Trader Joe’s with quick roasted fingerling potatoes. I can’t remember why we were in a hurry, but this meal worked perfectly. We planned to make something green to accompany but were just too tired. I believe Alex did all the work here.

Monday- This meal is perfection. We will be putting this on our rotation. If you recall we removed dairy (and many other things) from the girls’ diets last month. Well this month has been all about reintroducing all those foods. So now they are finally eating dairy again but we are limiting it to the lactose-free or friendly dairy (aged cheeses, goat cheese, etc.) I only used butter and aged cheddar to make the cheese sauce in this recipe and we used gluten free spaghetti noodles. It was so, so good!


Tuesday– we had friends over for dinner and I made a double recipe of Oh She Glows Cozy Millet Bowl and still we ate the entire thing! This is one of my all-time favorite meals. The rosemary pairs nicely with the mushrooms and kale and the resulting gravy is savory and delicious! P.S. Her new cookbook, Oh She Glows Every Day: Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes just released and is on major sale on Amazon! I love all of her recipes.  And oops! I forgot to take a photo since we were eating with friends.

Wednesday– We love tacos and rarely make them the same twice. This taco skillet recipe was so delicious and we just used tortilla chips to dip. And more aged cheddar for garnish.


Thursday– I actually tried a new recipe this week and this one did not disappoint! I am touch and go with shrimp. It’s not always my favorite (unless I’m on the coast and someone else is cooking for me!) We made many changes to this recipe. I used Old Bay blackened seasoning on the shrimp. I made a batch of kale chips instead of sautéed. I’m sure the meal would be delicious either way!


Friday– We should have been eating seafood on the beach. However plans change and I’m just thankful we didn’t experience anything more inconvenient than changed plans with a hurricane passing through. We used our camping food for dinner on Friday. Alex tossed all of the ingredients into our giant electric skillet and let it cook until done. Chicken sausage with sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts is one of our favorite go-to meals.


Our Wal-mart total this week was $122. Once again, we made several trips to the grocery store throughout the week that totaled around $50. It seems our average grocery bill each week is pretty close to $175. It seems so high but I’m having a hard time getting it down. I think for now I’m going to start budgeting between $150-$175 a week and just let it be.

What was your favorite meal last week?

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