Bee stings, camping preparations, “just go play” and drinking too much coffee

Good morning, er (almost) afternoon.


I’m on my third cup of coffee for the day. It’s one too many and I know that. But I have been struggling falling to sleep lately and so I popped one of my Unisoms last night from back when I was pregnant and then woke up groggy. And then I made it through a miserably hard work out at boot camp and now I’m staring down a busy day of laundry, camping preparations, late work meetings for Alex, and lots of cleaning. Thus the third cup. I know, it’s a vicious cycle. I’m sure I’ll struggle falling asleep again tonight.

In the cup: 6oz Starbucks Espresso Roast brewed, 2 tablespoons collagen, 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil (<affiliate links)

The girls love to scream “LOUD NOISES, LOUD NOISES” while I mix my coffee in the blender.

P.S. Isn’t my new mug pretty? You are my sunshine is one of our family songs (I know, real original) and I fell in love with this cup when it was on Zulily recently. Speaking of bees, Eleanor just got stung as we were getting out of the car.


What is that thing? Ew! She is so brave. She cried. We iced it. And now she is doing just fine. I truly hate bugs. Even more now because they really like to pester my sweet baby. She always has a million bug bites!


I’m using this minute to make a to-do list of all I need to get done today. I’m feeling a little stressed that Alex won’t be home to help, but also incredibly excited for our family camping trip to the beach this weekend. We haven’t been to the beach or camping all year and it is long overdue.

It feels like this week has flown by. With all the fall activities beginning this week, the short work week (even though Alex still worked Monday) and our upcoming trip, it sure has been quite a week. Most notably was our first experience at Community Bible Study. The girls and I both had a blast and I am excited to join this new community of women. I got dressed up and even curled my hair for bible study on Tuesday, that’s how excited I was!


I dressed the girls up too…


Eleanor actually loves matching her sister. She asked to wear these dresses again today. Trust me kid, if I could I would buy all the Eleanor Rose dresses for you and your sister to wear! Especially the release next Wednesday.


This is my not so subtle hint to all my loving family (emoji winky face)…size 18 months and 3-4 please in those amazing striped pants (emoji kissy face). (Hint you have to be on at 7am CT to snatch it up!)

I know I have an Eleanor Rose problem.

My little is already down for her nap, and my biggest is playing peacefully on her own. Somedays I feel guilty for writing or reading while she plays, but then I just remember the wise words of my friend Brittany and I am reminded how important independent play is for these littles, and then I let them play and do the things they want and then I get to do the things I want. It’s perfect.

But speaking of…I should probably make constructive use out of this downtime and start tackling the to-do list! Tomorrow I’m going to post our packing list for camping with toddlers and I’m hoping to be back Monday with some of our best experiences from the weekend!

Do you camp with kids? Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?


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