Thursday Thoughts

Who doesn’t love a good alliteration. Am I right?

What are you guys up to today?

I felt so guilty for not punching out a blog post yesterday. But then I reminded myself that this is not my job and to forget about it. Still, I don’t love slacking on my obligation. I have a pretty good excuse though.

Three kids is no joke y’all! We are keeping a little boy for the week while his foster family is away for an unexpected trip. He is about Ruthie’s age so basically I have twins for the week. Only when it’s not your own it is harder to know everything they are thinking. So basically I feel like I’m just playing guess all day. Still we are all happy and enjoying the extra company this week, but man it is hard! Most notably getting in and out of the car.

I assume most moms of three have two that can walk, but having two kinda walkers who need a ton of help to the car can be complicated. Let’s just say I have perfected the baby on each hip hold.

Additionally this week all of our activities have started back up. Bible study is in full swing and with that comes homework. Eleanor started Awana’s and that too has homework. I am absolutely loving both of these activities for Eleanor. She is memorizing scripture and talking about Jesus. We are having so many conversations at home too! Basically it is all we talk about. Eleanor also started In His Steps, a Christian dance program for girls and Sunday School started again this week. Just a few weeks ago I was worried we didn’t have enough going on for the fall and now I am certain we don’t need anymore activities!

I have also been making a bigger commitment to working out starting this week. I was slack for the last few weeks of summer. And while the weather hasn’t quite changed yet, I’m hoping some cooler temps will help encourage me to get out there even more.

Consequently I am sleeping much better at night. At first I thought it was simply the relief of having my bed back after our camping trip. Now I believe it’s the combination of putting in a hard day each and every day. By the time the girls are in bed at night I collapse ready to put my feet up. At the end of the day it feels like I have given it my all. And it feels good!

This week we also squeezed in a hair cut for Eleanor. This is her very first hair cut and while she was a bit nervous she ended up loving the experience! Her hair looks so healthy and pretty now!

And with that, I hear Little Man stirring in the other room ready to be up from his nap. I’m just praising God he slept today. Naps have been hit or miss while he adjusts to our home. I’m hoping to be here tomorrow but I’m not going to put any pressure on it! Have a great weekend if I don’t make it back before then!


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