Important contributions food bloggers made to the world

Once upon a very long time ago I was a food blogger. This came up just the other day when my dad called to tell me he liked my new blog but wondered where all the recipes were. I laughed it off with a “if you need a recipe for baking a sweet potato or smashing together ground beef and grilling it and calling it a hamburger then I’ll start writing them up, otherwise…”

It has been a long time since I created recipes or even felt adventurous in the kitchen. However, this conversation made me remember when I first discovered blogging and how it opened my mind to a world of food possibilities. Who knew bananas could make ice cream or pumpkin spice everything was a thing?


Here I have compiled a list of important contributions food bloggers have made to the world in my opinion. Where a recipe or idea is listed I have linked to the first site that taught me. Let me know in the comments other important contributions you can think of and feel free to call me out if you don’t agree that these were food blogger contributions!


1. Banana Ice Cream (Nicecream, Banana Soft Serve, Yonanans, etc.): I can remember first finding this recipe and being blown away! Who knew frozen bananas could become such an amazing treat? Of course I had to start here with this one because I can’t think of a more important food discovery in my own life. I believe I first found this idea on The Full Helping back when it was Choosing Raw, which also appears to be the top Google search. I know so many other food bloggers, including myself, have written about this idea too. Where did you first learn about Banana Ice Cream?


2. The Green Monster Smoothie: I’m not sure we will ever know who first decided to put spinach or kale in their smoothie but I’m certain the greens intake in our nation has increased dramatically since that day. I found the idea first on Oh She Glows. I think it is safe to say the green smoothie is a most important contribution to our world!


3. Pumpkin Spice Everything: I can’t remember a pumpkin spice craze before the food bloggers of the world first did it. At least no one was talking about their pumpkin spice obsessions before the internet gave us endless space and time to discuss such topics. Nevertheless the obsession is here and most likely sticking around for a dozen or so more decades. I mean August is hardly flipped on the calendar before everyone is talking about a PSL and UGG boots. I for one am on the wagon. I love pumpkin spice!


4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip: once my girlfriends and I discovered this treat we could hardly get enough. We convince ourselves it’s healthy but the chocolate chip to chickpea ratio in mine is starting to become a little off balance. Also, eating a whole batch on your own in one sitting is hardly healthy. I first discovered this treat on Chocolate Covered Katie but my good friend Brittany has also written about it and even did a segment on our local news for “dessert hummus.”


5. Hangry: Did you ever hear this word before food blogging existed? I’m pretty sure the first time I heard the term was on Hungry Hungry Hippie way back in 2009 or 2010! It has been an important part of my vocabulary ever since and has come right alongside a cultural shift of food obsessive Americans.


6. Overnight Oats (aka the best thing ever!): Alex is still weary of cold oats but this is my very favorite breakfast. Curse you Whole 30 for making me think oats are bad because most of this summer passed without enough Overnight Oats in my life. My first introduction to Overnight Oats was through Oh She Glows. Kath Eats has also helped popularize this recipe and taught me to put it in an almost empty peanut butter jar for eating.  And in case you are like me and into Pumpkin Spice everything, here is my old recipe for Pumpkin Overnight Oats on the ole’ blog. And now that I’m reminded it will certainly be on the meal plan for next week!


7. Food Photography: sure the magazines were doing this first. But in the age of social media and blogs food photography is now a widely accepted career and pastime. Ten years ago it would have been odd to snap a photo of your dinner and now I take a photo every single night for my Meal Plan Monday posts. What a very strange world we live in! From the most talented photographers to the most amateur (moi!) everyone is getting in on food photography!

I’m sure there are so many more food blogger trends to mention but these are the ones that stick out to me as the most important. I don’t think it would be an overstatement to claim that the blogging world has helped to shape the eating habits and trends in our world!

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