Meal Plan Monday: eating like it’s Fall even if it still feels like Summer

We have a tradition in our family of exclaiming “Winner, Winner, _______ Dinner!” (fill in the blank). This week we had a Winner Winner Sweet Potato Dinner, a Winner Winner Rice Dinner, a Winner Winner Pasta Dinner, and a Winner Winner Cornbread Dinner. We let Eleanor fill in the blank and she just picks her favorite part of every meal to give it a name (obviously the girl loves carbs–don’t we all?!)

Sunday- Pizza and salad from Alino’s

Monday- Paleo Sloppy Joe’s on sweet potatoes

Tuesday- Gluten Free pasta with cauliflower sauce and roasted broccoli

Wednesday- Chickpea curry with rice

Thursday- CHICK FIL A!!

Friday- White bean and roasted mushroom soup with cornbread

Saturday- leftover pasta and Italian sausage and green beans

meal plan monday.png

We drove home from the beach Sunday afternoon. After a big breakfast we plowed right through lunch so were very hungry when we reached home around 3pm. We grabbed a pizza and salad from our favorite spot and had an early dinner before Eleanor’s first Awana class.

Monday I baked sweet potatoes and mixed up this quick Paleo Sloppy Joe. The family all thought it was chili but either way it was delicious. Kale chips on the side.


Tuesday we began respite care for a little boy Ruthie’s age. I knew it was going to be a busy week so I planned this meal so we would have plenty of leftovers to get us through lunches. We even had enough to make dinner on Saturday night as well. This Cauliflower Sauce is one of our family favorites! It takes a little effort and is best to prep in advance. Then dinner time rolls around and I boil noodles and voila, the meal is done! And who doesn’t love perfectly roasted broccoli?!


Wednesday we made a quick chickpea curry. I flavored the chickpeas and vegetables with Garam Masala and salt and pepper, mixed together a quick sauce with coconut milk and red curry paste and cooked rice in our microwave rice cooker. The girls ate everything but the chickpeas and our Little Man ate only the chickpeas.


We had a mess of a day on Thursday. I was so indecisive! I promised E we would go to gymnastics open gym but then got a text from a friend welcoming us over to play. I promised E we would have Chick Fil A for lunch instead but then by the time we were heading home the babies were both asleep in the car. Instead we waited until Alex was home from work and enjoyed dinner out! It was such a treat and I exclaimed we should do this more often! Chick Fil A for the win!


Finally Friday! The happiest day of the week. I made an old favorite, White Bean and Roasted Mushroom Soup. Eleanor only drank the broth and gobbled down the cornbread. The babies sort of just picked at everything. Alex and I were happy though!


Is there anything better than skillet cornbread?


By Saturday we still had more cauliflower sauce and I boiled another bag of noodles and heated frozen green beans. We also had a package of Aidell’s Italian Chicken Sausage and it was amazing! I love this sausage so much!


We literally ate the kitchen this week. By Sunday morning we were scrapping together oatmeal for breakfast with little fixin’s. I was so happy to pick up our Walmart order after church. The meals you see here were shopped for at Publix while Eleanor was at Awanas last week. I spent $200! To be fair we didn’t go to the store at all through the week but that is still our most expensive shop in a very long time. It was a relief to see my Walmart order cost just over $100 this week to balance it out!

Anybody else willing Fall to show up by cooking all the casseroles and soups? At least football is now on! Have a great week all!

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