Joe’s Doughs, gymnastics and Awana nights plus more random thoughts and I found my JACKET!

Alternate title: all the photos from my phone that don’t fit in anywhere else.

On Friday last week Girls on the Run turned 20 years old! The girls and I drove to Charlotte to eat a GOTR themed doughnut. It seems a little crazy. We drove 24 minutes one way to eat a fried piece of dough. The strawberry basil flavor was almost worth the drive. A break in our normal routine was what made it really worth it.


A doughnut is never quite bad, but Joe’s Doughs didn’t really exceed my expectations. I had read a few bad reviews and I agreed with them. The chocolate on the sprinkle doughnut had a funny taste and although the doughnuts were fresh they weren’t that spectacular. I loved the flavor of the GOTR doughnut, but the lemon poppyseed was so strong it was hard to eat. I didn’t taste the cinnamon sugar one but brought it home for Alex. He didn’t have anything to say about it at all. Still, we had fun and got out of town and that’s all that matters!


And Eleanor was happy!


In other news: Ruthie got her first pair of icings (ruffly pants), fitting that we wore them to get doughnuts covered in icing!


I also got some fun mail this week.

I’ve been wearing my new shoes (Kenneth Cole via Ruelala similar here) all over trying to get used to heels again. I bought them for an upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe. I never wear heels and I will be wearing them every night on the trip so I have to do some practice.

Totally unrelated: our favorite activity of the week is gymnastics! We were invited to a birthday party at a local gym on Saturday. I had all three kiddos on my own and it was difficult, but they all had so much fun. And the other moms were eager to jump in and help when my arms were too full!


Eleanor and the birthday girl:


We also made it to a free play at the Lake Norman Y today. The girls just love to run crazy throughout the gym!


This kid is hysterical. I can sit and watch her all day. I’m not sure if it’s because she is so little, just so much personality wrapped up in a tiny little cabbage (<-what E calls packages) package or what?


I love that Eleanor has started Awana. Two reasons, she loves it and is learning so much, and we get a little quality time with our little while Eleanor is in class.


This week we had a coupon for Bad Daddy’s and got to enjoy a meal out with just Ruthie. She insisted on standing on a chair and refused to sit in a high chair. She thinks she’s 10, not 1. She refuses to be a little girl and wants to do everything big people do. It’s so funny but so dangerous!


I guess another title for this post could be The Ruthie Post. It sure seems like I have a lot of pictures of her this week.

The big news of the week is I found my beloved jacket. Or more accurately, my babysitter/friend found it. I cried tears of joy when I got this text Sunday:


And for fun…anyone else slice onions like this?


Alright, I’ll leave you with just this last photo.


I hope you guys have a great week. We have a very short one. On Friday Alex is taking the day off work so we can check off a big item on our Fall Bucket List. Any guesses?

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