Meal Plan Monday: the week before vacation

Meal planning is like a puzzle. Sometimes I get it right and I feel like running around high fiving everyone. Sometimes I get it all wrong and the week feels awful and long. It’s one of those kind of weeks around here. I blame our vacation looming on the horizon. I’m just so ready to be away from the kitchen for a full week!

This week I tried to plan through the weekend to get it us to our trip and it failed miserably. I even thought I could plan right into our road trip food all in one swoop and I was wrong. I got excited when our initial grocery bill was just under $100. But now we have been back to the store at least twice, I’ve had one more Walmart online grocery order on Thursday and we still need to go to Target for diapers before our trip. This week has been a total and complete fail! But so you can learn from my mistakes I’m posting it anyway. Your welcome!

Sunday: Dinner out at Bad Daddy’s

Monday: Pork Nachos

Tuesday: Pork Fried Rice

Wednesday: Burgers and green beans

Thursday: Pasta with Cauliflower Sauce for the girls Melting Pot for the adults

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Burgers and sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower

Sunday: Chili and cornbread

Above is what we ended up eating on each day. It actually didn’t resemble my plan at all.

On Sunday I originally planned to make Southwest Veggie Bowls. Sometimes I will just push a meal back in the week if my time doesn’t work on the exact day, but I never got around to making it this week. I ended up throwing the kale away and using the sweet potatoes in another dish. Instead we dropped Eleanor off at Awanas and took Ruthie to Bad Daddy’s and used a coupon to help with the cost.


For Monday night football we planned a fun treat. I made this recipe for Kalua Pork in the slow cooker and started it Sunday afternoon. I topped chips with cheddar cheese, pork, roasted broccoli, black beans and salsa and served with guacamole and greek yogurt on the side.


You guys, I think my taste buds are changing, or just finally settling into a rhythm. I hated this pork. And it wasn’t the pork at all. My family gobbled it up. I am usually a huge fan of pork but I couldn’t touch it this week. I picked all the pieces off my nachos. I tried it again the next day and still couldn’t eat it. The girls really loved eating nachos for dinner though!


On Tuesday I used the rest of the pork to make a quick fried rice. I wish I would have done our usual cauliflower fried rice instead of real rice because I feel like we were lacking vegetables all week. For this recipe I prepared mine on the side without the pork. The girls didn’t eat the fried rice very well but Alex loved it! I didn’t use a recipe but just mimicked what we have been making in the past.


Wednesday was a rough day. I had nothing left in me and we resorted to eating freezer food. Alex came home from work and cooked burgers and green beans. I didn’t even manage to snap a photo but I was so grateful to Alex for picking up the slack. I had originally planned to make chili this day and the leftovers would have been great to have for the week. I hate when I fall off my plan! I need to have one of those freezer cook days and stick 4 or 5 casseroles in the freezer for such a day as this.

We had fun plans Thursday night. Our friend Carrie turned 40 and we were invited to a surprise birthday party for her at the Melting Pot. I boiled noodles and mixed with the last of the cauliflower sauce for the babysitter and the girls and Alex and I enjoyed a feast of fondue!


It was half-price wine night and without the kids in sight it was going down so smooth! We ate the Wisconsin Cheddar as our first course, I had the California salad and Alex had the House. Then we enjoyed shrimp, chicken, pork and steak cooked in broth and some deep fried with tempura batter. I didn’t eat a single vegetable and then I had three times my share of chocolate! At our table we had S’mores and Dulce and Dark Chocolate. It was such an indulgence. We don’t have big nights out like this often and so I just went with it!


We felt rough on Friday for sure. Thankfully Alex had taken the day off work so we were able to move a little slower in the morning. I planned to make pizza Friday with a store bought dough and leftover toppings from previous pizza nights. The girls hate the cauliflower crust we have been making so they were excited to have real crust.


On Saturday we had burgers and sweet potatoes and roasted cauliflower. This meal is a standard in our house. Understandably so because it is easy and I can usually pass it off to Alex. In about one month we will be moving into our house and I will be so excited to have a grill again. As if we don’t eat burgers often enough, but they will continue to be on the rotation!

Finally on Sunday I made Chili. When I didn’t get to it Wednesday I knew I would keep it for football day. The Bears played in the Sunday Night game and we enjoyed pretending like it was Fall. But seriously where is the cold weather! Fingers crossed it will be here when we get back next week.

We spent a small fortune on food this week which is shocking since we also ate out so much. I’d love to share our grocery orders with you this week but I don’t think they would make much sense at all considering I didn’t make half the meals I planned. I am so excited to have a week without a meal plan. Good riddance!


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