Apple Picking at Sky Top Orchard


It is no secret this is our favorite Kummerow Family Tradition. It’s also no secret we go more for the photos than the apples. I think I love it here so much because our first time visiting Sky Top Orchard was just weeks before Eleanor was born. I knew then we would have to come back every year.


Alex took the day off work on Friday so we could beat the crowds this year. We also went earlier in the year because of our hectic fall schedule. I like waiting a few more weeks so it is cooler but we always wind up hot and sweaty from traipsing through the orchard anyhow.

We chose Sky Top for our fall apple picking tradition for one reason. You can get apples at any orchard, but only Sky Top’s fresh apple cider doughnuts rank in the Williams Sonoma list of Best Doughnuts in America.


I know kid, it’s exciting news!


Yes we seriously go for the doughnuts! It’s always our first stop. I was so shocked to find there was no line when we arrived. Usually we go on a weekend and the line is an hour long. On Friday at 10:30am we walked right up, paid four our dozen and gobbled them down. It all took less than 10 minutes.


We do things in the same exact order every year. Doughnuts, check. Obligatory yearly photos, check.


For comparison’s sake…


Oh my goodness, when did Ruthie grow up? Look at that feisty big girl! I’m not sure I can even call her a toddler anymore!

Our family photo was next.


Then we took to the hills. Quite literally. It isn’t easy to pick apples at Sky Top with young children. Nestled right in the mountains, the apple orchard is very steep in some places. Alex and I muscled through the morning, but I was a sweaty mess by the time we returned from picking apples. We stopped to get all the good photos first, then wondered through orchard letting the girls stop to pick every now and then.

The girls weren’t really into it this year. I’m hoping next year we will all be climbing trees and reaching for the best apples.

On the way out Eleanor managed to walk most of the way. On the way back in she insisted on a wagon ride. (By the way, this is against the rules, shhh, don’t tell!)


It was my goal this year to purchase at least as many apples as doughnuts. I believe we failed. We bagged our eight or ten apples, played at the playground and then retreated to the car for our packed picnic lunch.


I don’t think we have enough apples to make all the fabulous treats I talked about last week but maybe I’ll still manage to bake us a pie to go with our chili Sunday night.

What are your family traditions? Do you go apple picking?

I gotta mention here, after we were back in the car headed home, Eleanor started talking about wanting to go apple picking again. I was so excited that she enjoyed our family tradition, but then she said, “when we go next time we aren’t going to take photos though, right Mommy?” Kid, I gotcha, taking pictures sometimes sucks all the fun out of things. I am the worst at the Wait, let me take a photo! game. I understand it drives my family nuts. You should see the production it takes to get these beautiful photos! I wish I could just get them to understand that if they sat still and smiled it would go so much quicker. I wish I could say that next year we will go just for fun and not for pictures but I don’t think that will be true. But I am going to use this gentle reminder to put the camera down and live in the moment more.

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