The longest day ever

When we get back from our travels I want to fully recap all the fun and experiences but for now I’ll let you in on little tidbits. 

The view from our room is amazing! We feel so relaxed and excited to be here and get to witness this beauty!

I don’t know how to settle down when on vacation. While yesterday was the longest possible day…waking up at 3am central time and crashing hard at 11pm pacific time, instead of taking a much needed nap in the afternoon we went for a run instead. 

It is just too beautiful and the weather is gorgeous. I want to experience every single moment. 

This trip already has been the perfect mix of quality time with Alex but also lots of fun with family. We are in Lake Tahoe for Alex’s sisters wedding so we get to be here with family and lots of friends. Such an amazing vacation. 

I’m surprised to learn that I can function without my children. When we have downtime I start wondering about them and the fun they are also having with family. But honestly I don’t really miss them. I just love being with Alex so much. 

I am trying to do my best to take care of myself on this trip. We are running on little sleep and sporadic meals so I am making it a point to drink tons of water and exercise too and sleep as much as possible. Although I was wide awake at 4am I forced myself to stay in bed until seven to get acclimated to Pacific time. My hope is I won’t crash hard at the end of this trip! 

Alright…time for breakfast. I’ll be back Tuesday with a full recap and no post Monday because no meal plan!! 

See you guys!

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