Life Lately


So I have officially fallen off of my everyday blogging ways. We left for vacation and I have yet to feel caught up enough to put the time into my regular posts. For a half minute I contemplated giving up on this space altogether (I’m kinda an all or nothing person if you can’t tell) but I knew that wasn’t the answer. For now I will pop in and out as time allows. Things are really starting to gear up right now so I’m not sure how much time I will devote to this space in the next few weeks. We have a couple big things on the horizon. Namely, Alex finishing grad school and moving houses next month.

At any rate, I wanted to throw up a few of our activities lately. Here’s some of what we have been up to since getting back from Lake Tahoe.


The weather has been gorgeous so we are spending all our time outside these days. Last week I got to watch my friend’s little girls. Together our four kiddos play so well together so I just sat in the sun and basked. We have also been spending a ton of time at the park.


This past weekend was an exceptionally busy one and we crammed as much fall fun in as we could stand. Starting with the Food Truck Festival downtown.


And the pumpkin patch. Ruthie especially loved the bounce houses! She pretended like she was a big kid and scaled the giant wall and went down the slide all by herself! Check out my Instagram for an amazing video!


That is Ruthie’s real smile. Kid cracks me up!


We had dinner with friends and drank pumpkin beer. And I’ve been cooking up chili and cornbread like it’s going out of style. I love fall!


We are still loving our weekly activities, Community Bible Study and Awanas. Eleanor is learning so much and each week memorizes more bible verses. Despite those being our only regular activities it still feels like our weeks are so busy! I try to fit in gymnastics and swimming when I can but we often don’t make it. One place we never get tired of is the library!


Coming up is my favorite fall activity, the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We will try to do the corn maze and maybe even the pumpkin patch again this coming weekend. Fall is seriously the best! I mean, it’s not like the two best sports (football and baseball) overlap any other time of year. And yes this is me wearing a Cubs hat. I sure do love my Cubs-loving husband! But seriously, if they could just win it would make his life!


What are your favorite Fall activities?


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