Gift Guide for a Four Year Old Girl

gift-guide-4-year-old-girlAlternate title: Eleanor’s Birthday Wishlist

Somehow our little girl is already turning four years old! I look at baby photos and I can hardly remember what it felt like to bring her home or hold her. Watching her now, so independent and full of life, I hardly believe that little personality was bottled up inside this tiny little baby.


Eleanor’s birthday is right around the corner and I am busy preparing for her perfect little tea party. We offered the kid a vacation instead of a party but she insisted. She is after all her momma’s girl! The invitations went out last week and I’ve received several requests for ideas for gifts from family and friends. With the holidays looming ahead I thought it would be fun to do a quick round up of presents that any four year old little girl would be sure to love!

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  1. Our daughter has only asked for one thing this year…Barbies! Wha?! How are we already here? I am not ready for this stage but my compromise will be the Disney Princess Dolls. (By the way, she already has the Belle, Ariel and Jasmine dolls if you are curious.)48d42bf6320d0fafca5e3eede5d83d97
  2. Going with the doll theme, a doll house is every four year old girl’s dream come true. I have grand plans of one day building and decorating one with Eleanor, but until that day I have my eye one one of the beautiful KidKraft Doll Houses. We may hold off until Christmas (hint, hint grandparents) when we are in the new house.e1abed3ca26839abb1c64cb5cd577dbd
  3. Eleanor loves to pick up Alex’s guitar and strum. I have hopes that our offspring will have some sort of musical talent and I just love the idea of this kid guitar. Another KidKraft item; they really do have the prettiest toys!kidkraft-lil-symphony-guitar-ptru1-20589076dt
  4. We have been working on reading with Eleanor and she is amazing. She can read lots of books already and the Dr. Seuss books are some of our favorites. She really wants What Pet Should I Get. We also need to purchase the curriculum we use for reading and let the library have their copy back. Eleanor also loves The Little House on the Prairie and these picture books would be perfect for her.51lxvnjk3xl-_sx258_bo1204203200_
  5. Another four year old favorite is coloring and art. Eleanor could use a few new coloring books. I would also like to get into larger projects with her. This easel and this paint set would be a great start! kidkraft-deluxe-wood-easel
  6. Eleanor is into watching football with us this year. It’s incredibly adorable when she starts yelling “Tapple ’em!” at the TV. We don’t have any Chicago Bears gear for the girls this year and she could use a t-shirt or hair bow or this adorable outfit to cheer on her favorite team. Eleanor wears a size 4T.img_6306_large
  7. Giraffes are Eleanor’s spirit animal…despite her short and stout frame. I am loving this adorable giraffe umbrella that matches her backpack! While the giraffe one is perfect for Eleanor, any little girl would love carrying her own umbrella on a rainy day!_11205352
  8. Also specific to Eleanor is this amazing felt hat from Old Navy (on sale right now!) Wouldn’t we be an adorable Mommy and Mini-Me with matching hats?old-navy-floppy-felt-hat-for-toddler-size-l-dark-red
  9. As we prepare to move next month I’m dreaming of all the larger toys we can get the girls to fill up our new space. This teepee would be such a fun hideout for the girls to play and read. teepee-2
  10. And last but not least. I can see many “campouts” in her teepee with a fun, girly sleeping bag. Eleanor loves mermaids right now and this would just make her smile. mfaotw5ykdocplfi0k_cxyg

I love celebrating birthdays! Eleanor and I talk about her birthday every single day. I am excited to see what the next year holds for this precious little girl!


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