Fall Festivities

Our family crammed as much Fall fun into this weekend as possible. On Thursday my friend Brittany explained to me the acronym FOMO (fear of missing out) and I realized how accurately it describes my life. I felt like we hadn’t fully taken advantage of all the activities this time of year offers and so we did our best to make it out to as many as possible!

Friday we started with Patterson Farm.


I invited our friends Amanda and Piper to join us. It was a million degrees out (where is our Fall weather!?) but we didn’t let it stop us. We arrived and set up picnic before buying our admission tickets and heading to the puppet show. While the show left a little to be desired the rest of our afternoon was amazing.


The girls got to feed the farm animals. Piper was all over it. Eleanor and Ruthie were a bit more timid. Eleanor warmed up to the idea but Ruthie stayed far away!


I try to get the girls to enjoy animals but admittedly it’s not my favorite either. I think they can sense my hesitation. I put on a brave face though.


After feeding the animals we jumped on the hayride for a tour of the farm.

And then picked out our pumpkins.

Finally we made our way to the playground where the girls played in the corn pit for a solid hour and Amanda and I finally relaxed for a bit.


It was way past nap times and we were all getting cranky so we headed back out to the cars and after saying good bye to our friends I ushered the girls inside the little farm store for a promised treat. We found out they sell ice cream and so of course we chose it for our treat!


I let the girls play on the playground for a bit and then in a moment of insanity decided to throw Ruthie in the Ergo and usher Eleanor through the corn maze.


I wasn’t sure how it would go but they had these little boards set up with the story of Spookley the square pumpkin and it kept Eleanor interested throughout the maze. We only made one wrong turn and before long we were out on the other side. And Ruthie was passed out on my back!


We finally called it a day and I got the girls home in time for dinner and a little movie night. We watched The Great Pumpkin since Peanuts seemed to be the theme at the farm.


Saturday we spent the day trying to stay out of Alex’s hair. He had a giant presentation for grad school this week and needed time to study. By the evening he was ready to call it a day and join us for some fun. We headed to out for a little Trunk or Treating and a bonfire party at our friend’s house.


On Sunday we attended another Trunk or Treat at Awanas. We invited our friends Chrissy and Savannah to join us. This was a well executed event and we had a blast! Eleanor and Ruthie couldn’t get enough of the bounce house. Once we pulled them off we walked around collecting candy and playing games.


There was pizza, a hayride and a petting zoo!

We had a blast but tried to get home early. Too many late nights in a row!

Monday was the main event. Our family dressed up as The Little Mermaid and our costumes were pretty epic! It will be hard to top this year!


The girls and I attended the Halloween Party at the library while waiting for Alex to get off work. They had a costume parade and contest and cake and punch for everyone.


Sadly we didn’t win, but we still scored plenty of candy!

Next we headed to a friend’s house for dinner and to let the kids play before it was time for trick or treating!


As the sun was setting we drove to another neighborhood to trick or treat. It has been our tradition since Eleanor was born to trick or treat with our friends in their neighborhood. Eleanor talks about this all year long and was super excited to go again this year!


The above photo was taken at the very end of the night and they are all looking a little worse for the wear!


Every year we manage to find my friend Brittany and her kiddos while out as well. Love this little gaggle of kiddos!

We came home and attempted to watch the Bears play but crashed hard. All these parties and late nights watching the Cubs play in the World Series has really worn us out this week! Not to mention all of Alex’s studying!

Dare I say I’m glad this weekend is over even though we had such a full and fun time? We packed as much as possible into four days and now I will no longer fear I’ve missed out this Fall!

Happy Halloween!

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