So much going on lately

Let’s start right where we left off…


On Halloween, before the evening festivities, Alex defended his thesis and passed! It was a stressful day and I kept busy entertaining the girls with Halloween activities. Poor Alex was a ball of nerves. We were incredibly excited to find out immediately that he passed and get to celebrate on Halloween with our friends!

More big news for Alex…the Cubs finally made it to the World Series! We stayed up every night to watch the games. It was a long week for the guy with late nights watching games, long working hours, and grad school work to finish up. When the Cubs made a huge comeback and won 3 straight we decided to go out for the final game. A joint World Series/Grad School celebration night. We got a babysitter and met friends out for a wild night that lasted well past midnight. We rejoiced with a big win!


What an amazing and fun week we had. But Thursday hit both of us really hard. All the sleep deprivation began catching up.

No rest for the weary because we threw ourselves right into birthday celebration mode!


Our biggest turned 4 years old last weekend and we celebrated with a tea party for all her friends.


Some of my best friends helped plan the entire event and it was as pretty as it was fun! We made necklaces, ate tea party treats, served hot chocolate in mini cups, feasted on Princess Cake and opened gifts. The beautiful weather meant that after all the activities were finished the girls could run around and play outside. It was the perfect morning.


Sunday was Eleanor’s real birthday and we wore matching dresses for the occasion.


We had lunch out with Alex’s mom and step dad. I let Eleanor pick the restaurant and she chose Bad Daddy’s. Smart kid. One of her gifts was this new hat that matches perfectly to my own. Twinning!


Our 8th anniversary came right after Eleanor’s birthday. Five years ago we wrote love letters to one another and bought a bottle of our favorite red from our favorite winery. We agreed we would open both the letters and the wine five years later for a romantic (albeit cheesy) date. It was perfect. The wine and the letters.


It was so interesting to read back into the people we were five years ago and to see how much has changed. Several moves and a couple kids later and we are still as madly in love as ever!


Speaking of moves…we are preparing for another one. The boxes are packed.


We move back into our old house on Saturday. It is going to be a crazy couple weeks as we have a bit of work being done in our home and will have to live through the construction. If we can just get through this month I think maybe we will be able to slow down a bit. Here’s hoping!


Happy November all! My favorite month of the year!


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